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Seat Leasing in Cebu

Located in the heart of Cebu, Philippines, our newly refurbished offices provide an affordable and attractive choice for start-up businesses and foreign owned companies aiming to expand their operations in the Philippines.

MyOfficeIn Philippines is run by an experienced western management team that offer best of class service. This is coupled with the best technology solutions to support your operations including a redundant and guaranteed fast internet access, new generation i5 PC’s, 24/7 security, remote monitoring tools and cameras, fully supported by experienced in house IT engineers.

We pride ourselves in finding the right solution to meet your needs. Whether it is a single seat, an entire team or a private office, we can customise the solution for you. Schedule an appointment and facility tour today to make MyOfficeIn the Philippines your office in the Philippines.

Grow your business with MY OFFICE IN PHILIPPINES.


Your office staff will be provided with guaranteed bandwidth and low latency (backed by SLAs) Internet connection upto 100Mbit in allocation, all protected by dual redundant business grade services. As a value add, we also offer Quality of Service (QoS), website and application content filtering and regular usage reporting.


MOPH’s IT support is handled by an Australian IT managed services provider with over 20 years experience. In addition to remote and onsite support we will also be proactively monitoring key IT systems to maximise your staff productivity and minimise downtime.


Downtime costs businesses money and as such we take risks of downtime seriously. Your internet access is redundant and diverse, using only highest grade technology (fibre and fixed wireless for redundancy). Electricity protection and redundancy is provided by UPS and a generator. We also maintain spare network equipment so you are not impacted in an event of a failure.


In addition to our state of the art CCTV infrastructure, your building, floor and office are protected by an RFID access control system to ensure security and attendance management for all your staff (access to logs is available to all clients for their staff). Where further security is required we also offer biometric access control systems. Additionally, we employ a number of dedicated security guards at each of our facilities.


Security is one of our top priorities, therefore all of our facilities are fitted with state of the art CCTV systems with audio. All private office clients are provided with secure access to CCTV system for your office, allowing you to better manage and oversee your operations from afar.


Our offices are equipped with brand new Ultra Small Form Factor i5 computers ready for use. You are free to choose your operating system, which is updated to suit your needs.


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