Put the Zen In Your Office Space in the Philippines With These Cool Stuff

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How to Put the Zen In Your Office Space in the Philippines

Do you know that close to 100,000 hours of our lives revolve around our jobs? It may be a depressive fact, but it is true. In fact, our jobs put a toll on our lives by being the main reason for us to feel stressed out and anxious. In countries like Japan, work is sometimes considered the root of depression, and sometimes, even the cause of death.

For people who spend a large percentage of their waking lives locked in their cubicles, we want to tell you that it helps a lot if you have an office space that is full of peace and good vibes. Zen is a Japanese-inspired design that embodies a minimalist philosophy, making use of natural materials, patterns of light and space, and a near-monastic rejection of clutter. So, listed below are some products that will give your desk that Zen feel you deserve.

Build or buy a mini zen garden for your desk.

If you’re looking for that Zen to put up in your office, then maybe you should assemble a mini Zen Garden that incorporates certain aspects of Eastern Japanese principles that encourage meditation and relaxation. It is believed that by using this old-age method of taking care of a garden will make you reach a certain level of relaxation. When you tend to your mini garden by watering the plants and keeping things in order, the Zen garden may even enhance your mood and free-spirited creativity.

Add a touch of green with the Bonsai Tree

Rooted from the term, “plant in a container,” a bonsai tree helps in putting a bit of Zen to your work life. Bonsai trees are little trees placed in pots. The primary purpose of taking care of a bonsai is to enhance a person’s contemplation.

It is also intended for the person taking care of the bonsai to have patience as he watches the bonsai as it takes form. Bonsai is ideal to put on your desk or a window sill in your building. The bonsai also puts that green, nature feels to your office. Looking at a bonsai tree is quite relaxing.

A zen poster to keep you chill and grounded

Most of us enjoy reading a good inspirational quote or written message. The main reason why many of us love such things is that we need a constant reminder to keep aiming for our dreams, do our best, or be a better person. Most Zen posters come with inspirational quotes that are perfect to place in your workspace or on the wall near your desk. Not only will they provide you with Zen wisdom, but will look good on walls. There are a lot of affordable Zen prints online to choose from so Zen up those walls!

Set Up a Table-Top Zen Fountain

Do you love the feeling of staying outdoors? Do you view yourself as a daydreamer who needs just a bit of R and R to get the tasks done? Are you the person who ends up being stressed out during the long 9 to 5 shift?

Most of the time, we wish that we can simply escape even for a brief moment. And if you’re like this too, the closest thing you can do to have a breather is to get yourself a table-top Zen fountain.

Mini waterfall type fountains are compact enough for a desk, and they give you that opportunity to add some serenity to your shift. If you wish to add a bit of that relaxing vibe to your office, adding a mini waterfall is like putting the instant peace to the chaos of the workplace.

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