Work Habits Team Must Embrace

Work Habits Each Team Player Must Embrace

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In any office space in the Philippines, having an efficient team is what sets the perimeters between a successful and a failed business. But, since a team is composed of different personalities, it’s quite a challenge to build a great team who share the same goals and vision with you and the company.

So when it comes to habits, what is the common denominator that all great employees have? When building your roster, look at these factors:

Eyes Fixed on the Goal

Highly efficient individuals are very effective when their spirits are up and they are very excited about their work. However, it’s quite normal that even the most enthusiastic may not be in a perfect mood 100% of the time. Most of the time, the initial excitement about a project may wane as the project moves along. Not even you are safe from stress and anxiety at times. With business running like a roller coaster with its ups and downs, it’s important that you and your staff stay focused and disciplined at all times.

Embrace Constructive Criticism

One of the things that we are all prone to are mistakes. Remember that the best of us seek constructive criticism when our output doesn’t seem to be up to par. Criticism may not be pleasant but it is a necessity that we must embrace in order for us to improve.

The typical run off the mill employee will usually be defensive and hostile when they are given constructive feedback. However, top brass staff know that they won’t reach the top without the feedback that will help them correct their flaws.

Grab Opportunity When It Arrives

Very effective staff members know how to look for the weaknesses that hold down the team in order for them to apply corrective measures and also to showcase their skills and leadership. These valuable members of your team don’t wait for opportunities to pass; instead they grab them when they see them.

Persistent at All Times

In order to be innovative, you must have great ideas. It is also a given that you have focus and do the dirty work. Most of us show too much excitement about the goals we must reach, but not all of us are prepared for the hard work and perseverance we must show to hit our targets.


Be careful when enlisting people who do not display any signs of being decisive into your team. In order for your business to succeed, you should hire people who are willing to take risks and are not too afraid of committing mistakes. A lot of people – even in big businesses – are held back from exploring possibilities because they are afraid of failing.

It is an accepted fact that some concepts and initiatives will face failure. Being decisive enables you to face the mistakes from which you can learn and tackle problems head on.

Listen and Ask Questions Rather Than Talk

The major flaw most of us have is we talk too much. The most effective staff and leaders are individuals who listen first and only speak when they have something meaningful to say and add to the conversation. Employees like these are effective since they don’t just chatter on. Instead, they listen to what people say, analyze, and then share their opinions.

Consider Capabilities and Limitations

Effective employees are good at what they do. But, they also know when it is the right moment to ask for assistance. This is not a sign of weakness but a sign of leadership – being practical and being realistic. Aside from knowing when they need assistance, they also share the credit with the people they work with.

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