Why Is It Great to Work in Cebu

Why Is It Great to Work in Cebu

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Cebu, dubbed as the Queen City of the South, has been growing for decades. Cebu’s developing economic status has made this city a favourite destination not just for business owners, but also for human workforce. The booming economy of the city has attracted hundreds, if not thousands of organisations and possible employees. Today’s workforce is choosing this city over its large cousin, Metro Manila, which is pretty much the same as Cebu — only that there is a major traffic congestion issue in Metro Manila.

Economy is not just the main reason why it is great to work in Cebu. We gathered a list of reasons why people love to work in this city.

A Taste of Rich Culture and History

This city prides herself with abundant historical places, and she’s part of history herself. One of the most celebrated festivals in the Philippines is held in Cebu — the Sinulog Festival, falling on the third Sunday of January. This celebration is to honour the acceptance of Christianity in the country. Now, that’s just a very small detail of history; you can find lots of historical events written in the oldest streets and landmarks around the region.

A Strategic Geographical Location

Cebu is located in the heart of region VII, which makes it the centre for trade and manufacturing industry across the country. This has made the city an attractive place for local and foreign investors.

White Sand Beaches and Outdoor Activities

Getting to a white sand beach for a weekend getaway is never a hassle in Cebu. A lot of outdoor activities are just an hour drive away from the city. Business owners who have decided to rent an office space in Cebu finds this advantageous especially if they need to get that Vitamin Sea after a long day at work.

Food, Food and more Food

Filipinos in general love good food. It’s no surprise how many fast food chains and restaurants thrive like mushrooms in the entire country. Cebu alone houses at most a hundred restaurants and fast food chains.

The Nightlife Scene

If you are the type of person who loves to party, Cebu will never fail you. If you want to hit the dance floor and dance to the beat after a long day, Cebu offers several themes for you to pick and enjoy all night long.

Career Opportunities

Cebu is home to a number of industries, including BPO, tourism, information technology, real estate and many more. This has made the city an ideal place to work for the newly graduates. Industries that have established their names in the city gave countless opportunities not just for the locals, but also for those who are residing in nearby islands.

Cebu Is a Growing City

The existence of BPO companies and other industries in Cebu has contributed greatly to the economic development of the city. There are now huge infrastructures being built — office spaces for rent in Cebu, condominiums, hotels and restaurants. There are still so much more for you to discover which Cebu can offer.

Working in this city is both a treat and an experience worth having. Come and visit Cebu. You may not know, your next big business or greatest career is here!

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