Why Hop in to Coworking Spaces

Why Hop in to Coworking Spaces

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Coworking spaces are similar to those we see on the internet. Office spaces in the Philippines flocked by millennials typing on their Apple notebooks over beer or coffee, lounging on comfortable couches while talking about designed concepts and ideas. While the amenities and cool features I’ve mentioned may be the first things that come to mind when you think about joining a coworking space, the real value is beneath the fun and aesthetic trappings. Below, I’ll cite some really nice reasons why joining a coworking space may help you become more productive.

A coworking space is budget-friendly and very affordable for startups

Of course, the rent you’ll pay isn’t really dirt-cheap cheap on a per-square-foot basis but with so many coworking office spaces in Cebu and Metro Manila popping up, you can surely find the right fit to your available budget. Of course, it costs more than getting access to WiFi at your local Starbucks but it’s affordable in the long run as opposed to an office space.

Experience flexible growth for your growing company

Nothing stays in the same as start-up and shared office spaces are meant to evolve and be flexible when the business is growing. Say you have ten employees now, then the number multiplies by the end of the month, not a problem. Transfer to a more spacious office down the hall.

They have the things that your business needs, so you won’t need to purchase anything more

Coworking companies know what startups and growing business need, and most of them offer amenities and things that may help in operating the business. Some of these include help in accounting or HR work as well as consultancy on things connected with the growth of your business.

Go forth and grow your network

While the millennial workforce is the dominant demographic in shared offices, the people involved in such setup are, on the other hand, much more diverse. Who knows if the next person you’d be collaborating with is a top-notch lawyer or an industry leading creative director.

The positive vibes in such environment will rub off on you

Startup life can be quite draining psychologically and emotionally. There will be times when you doubt yourself, your job and the company you are working for especially at nights when you are faced with tight deadlines. Working in an environment filled with smart, fun and highly efficient people is the best cure for such burnout. No matter how tough the times are, there is always someone there who’ve been there and will be more than willing to give you a helping hand.

Being able to work in an environment specifically designed to support startups, young entrepreneurs or even freelancers is an invaluable part of being productive and growing your business. Remember, there were many notable startups such as Instagram that used to operate in coworking spaces when they were new and had to face the challenges any new business encounters such as budget constraints. And what they’ve experienced in such places helped them learn and apply the insights as they grow into a more established company. If you still have doubts about coworking spaces, maybe it’s about time to drop by and talk to the people there. I bet you’ll be convinced.

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