whats the buzz with fully functional serviced offices

What’s the Buzz with Fully Functional Serviced Offices?

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In choosing your office space in Cebu, it is very ideal for your business to go for one that is fully functional and serviced. The requirements for fully-serviced office or meeting room space may vary from hiring a room for a brief moment such as a few hours (for events and meeting purposes) to hiring an office on a monthly basis. Here in the Philippines, multiple options are available and are designed to meet the working environment requirements of companies. This form of set up is rapidly gaining popularity due to the many benefits it offers cost-conscious tenants in terms of only paying for what they need and what they use.

Companies now are finding value in the business networks that are naturally created within this type of environment. New opportunities can be explored as additional business leads are uncovered, enabling tenants to establish their presence more firmly in their business environment.

Low Overhead Rates and Expenses

While operating your business from home may initially keep your expenditure low, fully functional serviced office spaces provides you with additional benefits that supports the daily running of your business and may eventually help reduce stress, thus allowing you to concentrate on your priorities and not the maintenance of your office.

Office Facilities in an Instant

Choosing to rent a fully-serviced office space means that services such as maintenance, IT, internet and telecommunications are already provided. All you need to do is to simply connect and start working with almost no operational down-time.

Professional Office Support is already Provided

A major benefit of renting fully-serviced office space is the professional image it presents to your clients. Usually, providers of fully-serviced office spaces have professional reception staff on-site to greet your visitors. Furthermore, tenants benefit from office cleaning and maintenance services which contribute towards their convenience.

Flexible Working Space

Fully functional and serviced office space are flexible enough to allow tenants to easily reduce or expand their office space depending on their needs as well as the growth of their business. Another major benefit is that unlike traditional office space rentals, you are not tied into inflexible contracts.

Hoteling is on the Rise

An alternative office arrangement that is starting to gain popularity with professional services companies with employees who usually work from home is hoteling. These companies are able to reserve a desk for their employees in prime business locations which are both practical and comfortable for their employees.

Get the most out of your Business Operations

Fully functional serviced office spaces in the Philippines usually provide their tenants the latest technology and high-quality equipment to ensure at maximum efficiency of business operations.

Conducive to a Healthy Work-life Balance

By choosing fully-serviced, functional and furnished offices which are located in prime business locations with easy access to major transport hubs, employees will be able to concentrate on their core functions while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Sharing Floors Leads to Innovation

As cited, businesses benefit immensely from the networking opportunities that can be found by sharing office space. It also encourages innovative ideas through casual discussions with other like-minded tenants and establishes valuable business relationships to grow and flourish.


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