What’s Hip in Millenial Office Design

What’s Hip in Millenial Office Design

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Eventually, the time will come when your office space in the Philippines will have a redesign to fit the working styles of the young and fast paced millenials.  And what you need to do is far more than a new color scheme and a fresh coat of paint. Trendy office designs will help keep your youthful employees engaged, thus improving productivity.

The current design trends aim to create happier, more productive and healthier workplaces. Let’s look at some of the ‘in’ things when it comes to the new generation of offices.

The open office

The open-plan office was conceptualized as a way to improve communication and remove divisions and silos between employees.

Though this set up is pretty popular, there is some resistance to this trend, due to its impact on employee productivity and the effect of increased noise on stress levels.

You and your designer should collaborate and find ways can do to reduce noise levels if you are planning to adopt the open-plan office. Some ways of noise proofing your office include the use of plush furnishings, sound masking, and using the right flooring to improve the space’s acoustics.

Standing is healthy

There is a growing awareness with the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and that is why sit-to-stand working is a growing trend. This set up is the ideal way for you to encourage your employees to shift their position and improve on their posture which mitigate the health risks associated with sitting for hours.

Sit-to-stand working is growing in popularity globally, thanks to the healthy benefits it offers. However, always put in mind that it is important to consider the comfort of standing workers just like you would for seated workers. Find ways to provide underfoot comfort so you and your staff won’t suffer from muscle strain or fatigue due to standing. A solution to this is by using plush carpeting.

Movement is a must

The ideal office in Cebu is highly flexible. As office teams often restructure, office space will have to cope with the different changes and demands of the times. Desks and other furniture will often be moved around, so you should have easy access to power.

The best solution for this is by having sockets embedded in the floor and by using carpets that hide thin power lines that distribute power throughout the office floor.

The beauty of nature in the work place

Incorporating elements of nature into the workplace is gaining popularity because it helps relieve stress and boredom. According to experts, access to greenery and natural lighting help employees cope with stress and help them become more focused.

You can let natural light in by using transparent or translucent screens rather than opaque dividers to allow natural light to travel through your office and by using natural materials like wood or stones, or incorporating plants as part of your office design.

Feel at home

Like the nature-inspired trend we mentioned above, homey trends include plants and natural lighting – but have furnishings that make your staff feel relaxed as if at home. These furnishings include concrete office supplies, gold décor and even cross stitch artwork.

Lots of us spend more time at the office than we do at home, so these casual and at time cozy elements that look more like they belong in a living room is a great way to change the vibe of the space and create a room that’s comfortable, inspiring and fun.

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