What the Future Office Will Look Like

What the Future Office will Look Like

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We are living in a world where humans and robots co-exist. Lots of technologies are created yearly and more inventions are still to come to make life easier. The world itself is constantly changing, as these inventions affect our lives and productivity. But, have you ever wondered what an office might look like a few years from now?

Here are some of the innovative things and changes inside the workplace that make work easier and exciting:

1. Smart Buddies

Robots can help people in assisting employees inside the office, be it running some errands or becoming personal assistants. Artificial intelligence (AI) is within our grasp, and in fact, IPsoft is currently creating one leading humanized AI named Amelia. Amelia has virtual human face and body, can speak 20 different languages, and can interpret emotions via webcam. Imagine having smart buddies in the workplace helping you work in the best way possible.

2. 3D Printing

As prices of 3D printers are declining, more and more companies can afford and use this to design and manufacture different kinds of goods. 3D printers build physical objects layer by layer from thin layers of plastic. Instead of shipping objects to other locations, 3D printing can cut back costs and save time by just sending files of the object or model to the receiver via emails for them to print.

3. Moveable Desks

Skullcandy, an international office from Zurich, Switzerland, created these innovative desks so that employees can use this to work either individually or collaboratively. These desks fit together like puzzle pieces and employees can decide how they want the table to look like – whatever fits their work needs.

4. Wearable Tech

Entrepreneur and Forbes Contributor John Rampton, believes, “One of the most practical advantages of wearables in the workplace is they enable employees to reduce their dependence on clunky devices and screens. Instead of perpetually having to lug around a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, workers can move around more freely without feeling disconnected.”

5. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality or VR headsets would not benefit gamers alone but also workers alike. VR headset is a good product to use when you want to present something instead of just using PowerPoint presentations or models. Jeff Kagan, an independent industry analyst notes, “Whether training soldiers on a combat field or sales reps at the customer location, virtual reality provides the ability to enter the world to train and get better, without ever leaving your office.” Virtual reality can let potential clients experience the actual size, look, and feel even by just being inside a room.

6. Plants and Greenery

Sometimes, work takes its toll on an employee; a nice scenery could help and make them feel better. According to a research, adding plants and greenery in an office can help increase employee productivity by 15%. Designing an office space in the Philippines with a lot of green would improve employees’ health and make them enjoy work, becoming more productive and relaxed.

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