What Should Be the Traits of a Good Team Player

What Should Be the Traits of a Good Team Player?

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Organizations, including office spaces in Cebu, consider team players as an asset according to an article by William Frierson. Steve Kass, president for the Great Plains district of Robert Half International (RHI), says that a team player is someone who can “put the team goals and the team accountability ahead of their own individual situation.” Team working is an essential way to complete projects assigned by the company as its success depends on how the group works together. But, how would you show that you are a good team player?

Here’s a list of how you could contribute to your team’s success:

1. Commitment

Show that you have a commitment to your team. Study.com defines job commitment as “the feeling of responsibility that a person has towards the mission and goals of an organization.” According to College Recruiter, a good team player would do his best for the team in order to achieve their goals. He would not only do his 100% but would give his 110% for excellence.

2. Be Reliable and Responsible

A good team player would do and finish the job assigned to him earlier or on the given time. He would also lend a hand if a member from his group is having a hard time doing his work. Being a reliable and responsible person in the workplace would not only earn good working performance but also respect from his colleagues. These traits are very valuable for any group as this shows your love and commitment for your work.

3. Learn to Adapt

Glenn Parker, a team-building consultant in Princeton, New Jersey, and author of Team Players and Teamwork: New Strategies for Developing Successful Collaboration, says that team players need to be “more complex, adaptive, creative and flexible.” You have to be adaptable if ever your team needs you to be in order to do your job successfully.

4. Communicate Well

Communication is key in having a successful output. Talk and share your ideas as this would help your team achieve your goals. Always keep your teams informed and updated when it comes to the group’s work. According to Mind Tools, when communicating with your team members, be it showing your support to their ideas or challenging it, always remain positive and respectful. Attitude is important when working with other people; and showing a disrespectful attitude when disagreeing with someone is a big N-O as this would affect relationship within the group.

5. Ensure Other’s Participation

A good team player is not all about sharing and talking about his ideas only. It is essential to know what your other teammates think about your work. Listen to what others would say as their opinions matter just as yours do.

6. Support and Respect Others

Work as a team at all times and show respect to your members. Not all ideas would be good and would make sense but always remember to respect everyone from your team. Each member of the team would have their own strengths and weaknesses and being a good team player would show support and respect to their group’s diversity.

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