Ways of Staying Fit and Healthy in the Office

Ways of Staying Fit and Healthy in the Office

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Just because you’re at work in your office space in Cebu all day doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit, healthy and sexy. You just have to make some simple lifestyle and work habit changes. In this article, you’re going to get some easy hacks to stay fit in your office, and learn how to create physically active workplace habits.

What are the consequences of a sedentary office life style?

The costs of an inactive or sedentary workforce are more than what you think it is. In the US, businesses lose an estimated $61.2 billion yearly due to preventable employee absences due to illness. And, slowdowns or lost productivity caused by illness on the job may account for up to 60% of employer healthcare costs.

So let’s find out and learn how you can stay fit in your office, without having to actually step out and go to the gym:

The Benefits of a Standing Workstation

When you are on your feet, you not only boost your metabolic rate, but you increase the activity of fat burning enzymes. In addition, if you’re sitting continuously for up to 2 hours or longer at the office, research has shown that you’re going to have a higher risk of chronic disease no matter how much you exercise when you leave work.

Go and Download Fitness Apps

With the rise of health and fitness awareness, dozens of phone apps and computer apps that will remind users to either exercise or stretch at regular intervals were launched. Here are some of the more famous ones:


This app informs you to rest your eyes and forces you to exercise or stretch by disabling your computer screen for a short period of time.


A tool that asks you to take micro breaks, long breaks, and even limit your daily computer usage while offering a selection of exercises you can do during these breaks.

Big Stretch Reminder

Allows you to customize your breaks exactly how you want them by specifying intervals, what breaks are for, levels of intrusiveness, etc.

PC Work Break

Gives you reminders that encourage you to take micro breaks, stretching breaks, eye exercises, and even walks.


A web-based break software that allows you to select from three different ways to reduce eye strain.


At the start of this article we talked about the costs of workplace illness and injury. And, you already know you’re going to burn lots of calories, tone down your waistline, and stay trim, fit and full of energy with the strategies I mentioned. So let’s conclude this article with the corporate rewards for implementing these office fitness strategies.

Think about it this way, every Peso you spend on medical expenses goes to your savings. And employees actually want this stuff! In fact, 78% of employees say they’re interested in a company-sponsored wellness program and 60% of workers consider health and wellness programs as an incentive to stay on the job.

Getting fit, sexy and healthy and gaining more energy is vital to the corporate happiness of a financially healthy company. Removing stress caused by injuries and illness makes for a win-win situation.

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