Turn Each Day Of Your Work Week Productive With These Tips

Turn Each Day Of Your Work Week Productive With These Tips

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You’ve been in your office space in Cebu for 8-9 hours (or even more), and all that runs in your mind is the moment you log out of work. Sometimes it is hard to keep focused when you feel the burnout of a daily routine—but there’s still hope! Burnout is normal. You just need to do some tweaks in your life to avoid the temptation of sudden resignation.

Have a paradigm shift

Anxiety and stress can be caused by tough bosses and tight deadlines. Also, you may feel detached if your heart feels like it is already somewhere else.

Don’t be a victim. Keep in mind that you have a choice to be happy and by doing so, you may boost your feeling of worth as well as your productivity.

Listen to music

Having a sort of brain drain in your cubicle? A catchy song may help you get out of this ruck.

Sometimes a quick jolt of energy over something lively, be it Ariana Grande or Sepultura (whatever rocks your boat), is all we need to keep those juices running.

Opt for a quick stroll

A quick stroll may do wonders when you get back to your cubicle. Go outside. See something different. Let your blood flow and energize you.

Ask a workmate to walk with you and keep your mind off work for a moment.

Having a 5-minute walk in between your duties can help replenish your brain and enable you to do your strenuous tasks with a refreshed mind set. Have a 15-minute walk after lunch and see how it positively affects you when you return to your cubicle.

Have a quick breather to do something your fond of

Though a quick and relaxing stroll’s a good solution to keep you from burning out, you may not need to go out of your work place to oil your gears. Try setting aside 5 minutes to play a video game, go and read something non-work related and funny, or talk to your friends on Facebook or Viber.

Have some time away from your mobile device

It doesn’t matter if you are at home or if you are inside your office, it’s always a good idea to limit the time spent on smartphones—whether it is texting or social media stuff.

When you’re desperately in need to concentrate, keep your phone on silent mode and keep it in your bag or inside your drawer or locker. Having that phone out of sight and out of reach helps you focus on the tasks that needed to be finished.

Have a fixed sched on when you should check your email

Are you in that habit of checking your Gmail tab every few minutes? A lot of us suffer under the same predicament.

This one may be a bit hard, especially when we are locked in a sense of urgency to answer each and every email as soon as possible. But if we choose a specific time to read and answer emails, we free up more time to do our tasks and focus on much important ones that require us to use more of our brains. Doing so helps you become more productive.

Do prioritize the more important emails in your inbox over others

Aside from what’s mentioned above, you should be able to determine if an email is crucial and needs quick response, and when an email can be set aside for later.

Choose which messages require you to answer immediately by categorizing your inbox into folders and labelling them “immediately”, “for later”, or “unimportant”.

Have a moment for yourself when no one can disturb you

It’s hard to get your hands busy and keep focus on your tasks when your colleagues are sending Viber messages every thirty seconds. Put your phone on silent or turn off your social media notifications. If a task or message is really top priority, they’ll approach you and talk to you in person.

Believe me, you’ll be able to focus more if you won’t hear those Viber and Facebook notifications. They can wait.

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