Tips to Avoid Work Burnout

Tips to Avoid Work Burnout

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Do you feel like your work is becoming meaningless? Felt exhaustion brought about by work lately? Then read on.

You are experiencing burnout. According to social psychologists from the University of California, Ayala Pines and Elliot Aronson, burnout is defined as “a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by long-term involvement in emotionally demanding situations.” Key word is EXHAUSTION. What makes it tragic is that the main victims of burnout are those individuals who are very true and highly committed to their work. Rest can overwhelm exhaustion, but there is another side of it that needs more attention. It is the disillusionment, the disappointment experienced that resulted from one’s work not being appreciated after all the efforts exerted. Not being appreciated is always the root of disappointment.

When one is burnt out or exhausted from all the working that’s done, a lot of people opt for the shortcut such as taking a short leave or a vacation. It helps and gives you relief, but temporarily. A Cebu seat leasing company has laid out a sound strategy that will give you long-term relief and deeper impact positively in your life.

Again, read on.

1. Main purpose of work.

Yes, we all love paychecks. But have you really thought about why we need to earn money by working? That’s the first thing you must think about—realize why you need to work and earn. Just coming up with and having the sense of purpose makes you do things you’re capable of, things you thought you can’t do. Whether you’re doing it for yourself or for your family or even for a significant person in your life, working with a deeper purpose gives more meaning to life. This way, you will not have to feel heavy about working. Instead, you will feel energized and have a renewed vigor towards your job every day.

2. Do what you’re hired for.

If you feel like you are overloaded with tasks day in and day out, ask yourself, “What is my job description?” While it’s not bad to do things beyond your assigned tasks, being in that situation everyday takes a large toll on you. You start to think you are after something but can never really catch up. One way to fix this situation is insightful analyzation of your job. Performing this clarifies what your boss is expecting from you, and what he isn’t. You will have a complete realization of what signifies your role, putting you in a great situation wherein you can prioritize tasks that are most essential for your job. Approaching your boss won’t hurt also, simply discuss the issue of being assigned more work outside your job description.

3. Start your day right.

In today’s fast-paced world, everybody seems to be in a hurry to jump out of bed. Sometimes forgetting to have breakfast, which still stands today as the most important meal of the day, just to race down to work. No breakfast, no energy for the day. This leads to more stress. A great morning ritual helps, putting in a little exercise and relaxing the mind. After waking up, start relaxed, clear your mind and breathe in the morning fresh air then stand up to begin warming up for a little exercise. And again, don’t forget to eat your breakfast to fill that empty stomach to avoid being grumpy. Exercise also slowly warms up our mind and body, waking us up completely. Starting your day right is very important, it brings up good energy for you affecting the rest of the day.

4. Task prioritization.

This tip is in line with #2. Prioritizing the tasks at hand comes after analyzing your job description. Knowing already what your primary role in the office is, the next thing to do is identify assigned tasks by its importance. This way, you won’t have to be burning out doing things all at the same time. Once you identify the tasks by its priority and how urgent it is, do it one at a time, as it also avoids confusion and mistakes along the way. You must take control of your job, because you would be exhausted will all the thinking, confusion and effort exerted. Time management should also be employed to help you finish tasks at the right time or before the deadline given.

5. Exercise!

Regular exercise helps us destress and create a sense of well-being. Exercise comes in all forms, whether be it a simple stroll or doing push-ups. Exercising regularly keeps us in good shape and be motivated to do the best we can for our work, with energy that sets up an increase in productivity. The great thing about exercise is it can also help us have a good night’s sleep.

6. Be helpful.

Another way to give meaning to your job is to help co-workers even in small ways. Helping makes you feel good, and hearing a simple thank you or being appreciated can even make you feel a lot better. It re-energizes your soul, making you more motivated and happy with your job.

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