out on a tight budget heres how you can furnish your office without hurting your wallet

Out On a Tight Budget? Here’s How You Can Furnish Your Office Without Hurting Your Wallet

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It is really exciting for a start-up to have your sparkling new office space in the Philippines; the next move is to make your office both functional and cozy. However, before you get caught up in the latest and greatest furniture and equipment for your office— you shouldn’t lose sight of your budget.

Let us help you in making these decisions. Actually, if you have your priorities in mind, purchasing equipment and furniture, having a hip office, and making your biz productive will be a breeze

Which is better, new or secondhand?

Don’t get bitten by the bug that makes people want to buy the latest equipment to hit the market. Cost doesn’t matter. This mindset may lead you to buy equipment with features you may not really need, or furniture that goes out of style next week. Before you purchase furnishing for your office, consider your real needs—what you need to make a fair impression, work efficiently, and be able to balance your expenditure and earnings.

You may consider buying secondhand equipment and furniture. Affordable stuff may just actually fulfill your needs. If you really want to buy good budget-friendly furniture, you may consider attending a going-out-of-business auction— you can actually get very good deals at dirt cheap prices.

Don’t get caught up with the latest—always keep a lookout on your budget.

What about chairs?

In choosing furniture, you may want to purchase things that reflect the image that your business wants to project. Buying secondhand furniture may save you money but make sure that what you buy is in very good condition. New or used, your furniture should be professional in appearance. Try for a coordinated look and a simple color scheme for your office space in Cebu. Tasteful and professional looking design is recommended if you want your customers to visit your office regularly.

Look for furniture can stand the pressure of the eight hour daily grind. Buy chairs that are ergonomically designed to help lessen stress. Choosing comfortable and physically healthy chairs really makes a difference!

Always remember, the furniture you choose is part of your image.

How about an email system?

No matter what they tell you, let us get it straight— you don’t really need to bother with your own email system. Having your own system is quite unreliable and prone to crashes from time to time. One thing that works and may save you cash is finding a name that is the same as your business at one of the big, free commercial email hubs. If your business name isn’t available, try something that sounds professional.

Again, let me just emphasize my point: don’t get your own email system!

Say nah to fancy copiers

For a small office or a start-up, having a basic all-in-one scanner/copier/printer will work just fine. But, if you are going to be doing a lot of hardcore bulk copying and/or printing, the first thing you need to prioritize is finding a good service provider.  After that, go for equipment that the service finds reliable but also repairable.

With all of these in mind, it all boils down to one thing at the end of the day: stay focused on what you need to be efficient.

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