the pros and cons of a fun workplace

The Pros and Cons of a Fun Workplace

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Remember the old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?”  This saying implies that focusing only on work, without taking a break, is something that isn’t positive. However, too many jokes and too much horseplay might get out of hand, causing employees in your office space in Cebu to get distracted and unproductive when it comes to work.

The Pros…

Lightens up the Mood in the Office

Living in a fast-paced environment where there is so much intense competition between employees can be quite stressful. So, when staff is allowed to have fun, it lightens the mood in the office. Some offices have so much tension, which makes things very oppressive; and, this type of setting may lead to employees feeling stressed or burnt out.

Helps Fight the Effects of Stress

A little fun helps alleviate the stress levels of the employees. Having fun helps make your employees feel light rather than feeling burdened by the loads of work they have to face daily. Remember, stress may lead to various ailments – such as heart disease and hypertension – so having fun may be healthy, as well.

Promotes Teamwork

Healthy competition is always a good thing, but, it should not adversely affect the relationship of employees in the office. Having fun is beneficial as it helps your employees to work as a comprehensive team rather than act in silos as individuals.

The Cons…

Your Employees May Lose Focus

Everything – if done in moderation – is acceptable. However, if there is too much fun and play in the workplace, then, there’s a chance that your employees will be distracted from work and just focus on playing games, joking around and having fun with their workmates. Keeping the employees in camaraderie with one another is a very good thing; but, at the end of the day, employees are paid salaries to work and not just to goof around.

Discipline and Maturity May Suffer

There should always be a healthy balance of fun and jokes, as well as discipline. Throughout the day, companies have investors and top business partners walking through the office. And, if they see the lack of discipline in the workplace, they may might not like this and leave the office with a negative impression of your company.

You are in the Office to Work

The office is a place for serious work to be done. Actually, it is better that employees do not get overly attached to one another or they might get their personal and professional lives tangled up into one. Employees have the freedom to do and say what they want outside the confines of the workplace; but, once they step in the office, it means business.

So these are some of the chief pros and cons of promoting fun in your office space in the Philippines. As long as things are kept in moderation and no one gets hurt, or if the fun doesn’t hurt productivity, then some smiles and laughter here and there is acceptable.

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