the flaws of open offices

The Flaws of Open offices

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Almost all of us spend more than eight hours a day working in the office which takes five to six days of our week. This makes the office our second home. Oftentimes, we bring along some of our valuables to work feeling confident.

Start-up businesses and other small-scale organisations have brought so many changes in the way offices are built. There are so many office trends nowadays which include open-office layouts and co-working spaces. These types of offices have attracted organisations because of flexible leasing terms and affordable monthly rates. Young entrepreneurs and business owners choose this set up because of the hype and energy office environment.

Signing a leasing deal with a co-working space or open-office vendor can be very tempting. Before you do so, here are some of the ugly truths in an open-office layout.

It’s always a game of thrones day, everyday

There’s always a competition of getting the best seat in the office. Late arrival in the workplace may result in you having to sit right next to the noisy break room, or smelly pantry or along the high-traffic aisle. This can lessen your productivity and can even make you grumpy and moody. Some will even skip lunch and coffee breaks just to make sure their seat will not be taken by desk snatchers.

It can be noisy, really noisy

Our suggestion, invest in noise cancelling earphones or headsets. Sometimes, your colleague might just be too loud that eavesdropping is unavoidable. Of course, even if you don’t want to know how she spent all night watching Netflix, you have no choice.

You have to bring your own fan and warmers

Unlike the typical office set-up, open-offices do not come with full control over the lighting and room ventilation. There will always be instances when the room may be too hot for you but cold for some. You see, what’s freezing for you might be warm for others. So it’s always advisable to bring your own warmers or coolers and even portable desk lamps to keep your productivity kicking.

Bermuda Triangle Tables

Most often than not, you may come to leave some food and things on your table. Just like desk snatchers, there are other opportunists who will grab your food or your things as if it were theirs. If you are not so keen on these things, they may just vanish into thin air. Or the worst thing that could happen is turning your table into a big pile of trash and papers.

No privacy

Although there are office spaces for rent in Cebu, open offices and co-working spaces that are well-designed, some of them lack privacy. There will be times wherein you will meet up with your team, huddle and discuss your next projects in the building lobby or lounge. In an open-office, there’s little privacy, so if you are eyeing for an office space, make sure that it is the right fit for your everyday operations and your employees.

Open office layout may not be the best for your business but there are plenty of other options to choose from. There are seat leasing providers which offer workspace solutions to match and meet the needs of your organisation. Seat leasing in Cebu offers customised and affordable workspace solutions for your office space needs. Contact us today and make MYOfficeinPH your office.

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