The Effect of Minimalism In Our Works

The Effect of Minimalism In Our Works

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We spend a huge amount of our waking hours dwelling in our office spaces in the Philippines performing our tasks, wrapped up in documents and emails as we type away in our 8-5 jobs. When we practice the same routine day in, day out it can be quite a challenge to be motivated and keep being productive at a peak level.

There are instances when what we need is a resetting of how we perceive our surroundings to make a noticeable change, and the space you work in is a terrific place to begin. Our office space in Cebu may become full of mess and clutter when use them every day. Scratch paper and pamphlets begin to pile up and this can totally distract you from doing your work.

Most of us will find that having the stuff we only need in our workstations has a substantial effect on the way we view our daily tasks; nevermind the rubik’s cube or the fidget spinner to play around on your free time.

Some call it decluttering. A few would refer to it as minimalism. However it is called, in this article, we’ll show you how your workspace has an effect on your level of productivity as well as how our workstations affect our psychological well-being so much.

Physical clutter also causes psychological clutter

Our workstations play a role similar to that of our rooms in the house. We spend a huge percentage of our time inside; 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. Clutter can start to pile up and when we’re busy attending meetings and brainstorming with our clients, a tiny mound of paper can turn into a mountain.

Too many items on top of our desks is not just distracting, but may also lead to procrastination. When we talk about clutter maintenance, remember that a clear desk is a reflection of a clear mind. If an object is not going to be used in the next two days, then you better keep it stored.

If we are going to look at it like our home, things that we don’t need for our work mount up like unneeded things we just keep for sentimental reasons. Throwing away this irrelevant stuff can freshen up our workspaces and give as a clear place to work in. It’s the art of minimalism.

Downsizing your desk may actually improve your productivity

A very good place to begin downsizing your desk is to make a quick review to identify what items perform an important role to your day to day activities, and what are just there just for display. Even though these trinkets and souvenirs may help you feel more at home, they can become distractions at work.

Remove the opportunity to procrastinate by clearing up your work space. Your desk should only have the basics like your laptop or desktop, your pen and a notepad. By doing this, you only have a single point of focus and those are the tasks at hand.

Once you have a clean workspace, your mind becomes clear of stress. By keeping a tidy desk or workspace, you can be organized and be able to concentrate on your work.

Also consider digital decluttering

Desks and physical work spaces are not the only places that are prone to clutter, in the digital world, your PCs desktop can also be cluttered by a multitude of files and folders if we don’t give effort to put them in the right places.

At the end of every week, do a quick check to ensure that all the files you need are in the right places and to clear up your desktop. Doing this can also help you locate important files and docs in a faster way.

Improving your office productivity is all about being able to put your focus in the right places. This means the tidier your desk is, the easier you can concentrate on the job that you’re supposed to do. Without things scattered around to grab your attention thus leading you to procrastinate, you’ll find that there will be an improvement in your productivity as well as in your stress levels.

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