The Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics

The Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics

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Ergonomics is a term that has been used a couple of times in some of our articles and it’s just right for us to dedicate a blog for it. What is ergonomics and why is it important? We will uncover and answer these questions here.

Ergonomics, in its real context, is a branch of science that deals with the design and arrangement of workspaces, equipment, products and systems so that they are suitable for the people who use them. A common misconception about ergonomics is that it is associated with seating but there’s more to it.

Ergonomics is associated with the design of anything around people, which includes but is not limited to workspaces, health and safety, equipment, sports and recreation, and so on. Ergonomics is a study that aims to create a safe, comfortable and productive workspace for employees by integrating human abilities to the design of work equipment and office space design.

Office spaces for rent in the Philippines are applying ergonomics in their office design not only to attract more clients but also to ensure that the client’s employees are working in a safe and productive environment without compromising comfort and style.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider integrating ergonomics in your office space design:

Cost Savings

Did you know that in a study, the total economic cost of work-related injuries and illnesses is a whopping $60 billion dollars per year? In the same study, it shows that the most common work-related disability is back-pain. Using ergonomic office equipment and applying ergonomics in you workspace design can help you skip the cost of work-related injuries and illnesses.

Productivity Boost

Employees are more productive if they are working in a comfortable workspace. For employees, sitting in a way that allows good posture, fewer movements, as well as better reaches and heights, make them more efficient. Design a job and a workstation that supports this concept and you’re sure to boost employee productivity in no time.

Hype Up Employee Engagement

Not only will ergonomics improve employee productivity, but also amplify your organization’s retention rate, decrease absenteeism and increase employee involvement. This happens when employees see that the company invests time and effort in making sure that their employees are working in a healthy and safe environment.

Improve Output Quality

If employees are stressed out and fatigued at work, it is more likely that they will produce low-quality outputs. When employees find the job too taxing, it is expected that they will not perform the tasks like they were trained to. Employees who work at ease performs better and produce better and high-quality outputs. Ergonomics can help your organization achieve this by designing workstations that will allow easy and smooth movement of employees.

Workplace ergonomics can be seen as an expensive investment but if you look at the benefits your company will get when you decide to invest on this, you will realise that it’s worth it. It’s worth it not only because it is good for your business, but also good for your people.

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