the battle of offices open office vs closed office

The Battle of Offices: Open Office VS. Closed Office

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Office in its simplest definition is a place where administrative work is done. But there are other definitions of office like a position within an organisation. It may be related to business-related tasks or just the physical building. There are so many ways to define office but one thing is common, it is means work.

The way we see office today is quite different from what we used to see over the past few years. There are so many office trends that have influenced office design and layout and these trends are guided by many principles including productivity, creativity and design.

Regardless of the trends in office space layout, two of the most popular office space design are open and closed offices. Office spaces for rent in Cebu are even designed to be customisable to fit whatever requirements the tenants have. The question is always about what office design is best for an organisation or which design is better than the other. This is a battle between open office and closed office space designs.

Well start off the showdown with the pros and cons of each format:

Open Office Design

This layout goes back to the early 1950’s when most office spaces consisted of regular rows of desks and benches. These were the very design used in manufacturing companies and the designs were deep-rooted from the works of industrial engineers.

  • Employees feel a sense of belongingness and value the sense of community and dialogue in an open office space.
  • Workers are engaged in this type of office set up.
  • The layout is very attractive to Millennials, it can even be used as a recruitment tool.
  • Open offices decrease the feeling of being enclosed or isolation.
  • Employees report higher levels of noise, uncontrolled interactions and low levels of concentration and focus.
  • Sickness is easily spread with this office layout.

Closed Office Design

Traditional office layouts or the closed office workplace design has emerged the same time as the open office design did. These layouts are the most common set up in a typical office where concentration and privacy are very big deal.

  • This set up is ideal for businesses who wants to keep privacy maintained.
  • Employees feel a sense of security when they are confined within closed walls.
  • Lesser noise and distractions thus making it an ideal layout for organisations where productivity is given of great importance.
  • The creative types of employees could feel restrained from being creative.
  • Workers may develop an assumption that those who have private offices are more valued than the ones that do not.

In the real world, there is no setup or layout that is best for all businesses. Interior designers recommend that the office layout should not only be based on design but also tailor-fit to the needs of the business and preference of the employees. Office lease in Cebu allows organisations to customise their workspace for them to be able to create a work place that is both beneficial to the business and the employees.

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