Sure-fire Ways To Stop Laziness On Its Tracks

Sure-fire Ways To Stop Laziness On Its Tracks

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Laziness can at the worst moment, creep on us unannounced in our office space in Cebu even when we are at our most focused and dedicated.  It is an unwanted effect of all those evil shiny objects passing through our line of sight just competing for our attention.  We try to fight the temptation, but sometimes it’s a very hard battle we can’t seem to win.  After all, it’s quite easy for our unconscious mind to succumb to laziness instead of engaging in a monotonous work.

Know the effects of laziness

If you are always lazy on the job there’s a very real chance that you’re not dishing out what the organization expects from you.  If you’re not doing your responsibilities then you are not doing your job; in short, why are they still paying you?  Sooner or later, your boss will notice this and get rid of the dead weight.  If you don’t want to be unemployed, then it’s high time to start moving.

Build barriers to block distractions

Distractions may encourage us to be awfully lazy and what’s worse is that they are everywhere!  If Facebook and social media are your favourite distractions, it is about time to build physical barriers between yourself and the distractions that attempt to lead you to the path of undivided procrastination.

Create a moment for play and goofing off in the late afternoon

One of the most effective anti-procrastination tricks we practice actually involves scheduling a time for fun and play each afternoon at 4PM.  By doing so, you are able to remove those nasty urges to check your Facebook because you are aware that there is an allotted time to do so.  This may sound weird or even in a way counterproductive, but it has actually helped eliminate my desire to be lazy and has improved my levels of productivity.  So even though part of my late afternoon is dedicated to being lazy, the majority of the day is dedicated to and is focused on doing my job.

Motivate yourself to stop being lazy

This is another strategy that may literally sound weird but is one of those truly effective self-motivation techniques.  Divide the task you’re currently working on into a few smaller increments instead of trying to finish the whole chunk and then tell yourself through them out loud.  “You have to finish this job!  Work is so easy!  Let’s do this NOW!”  When you complete each stage, congratulate yourself for doing the job well.  Coaching yourself makes you more cognizant of your forward progress, thus, giving you the push and motivation needed to take each small step.  Keep in mind that every small but successful step you take brings you closer to achieving victory.

Dedicate time for breaks

Taking a quick breather, a short break every now and then especially after tedious tasks is something that I really recommend. It would be much better if you spend your quick breaks doing things that will help refresh your brain and motivate you to be more productive.  Doing things that lead you to being inactive will only increase your desire to be lazy.  Why not take a quick stroll outside the office, get up and chat with your workmates, or read some learning materials.  Take breaks but don’t be idle.

Eat healthy

Remember that you are a reflection of what you eat!  If you eat junk food, you will feel like junk.  If you feel like junk, your output will be junk.  To avoid feeling slouchy and lazy in the office, eat healthy food and get lots of sleep at night. Feeling lazy is sometimes not just about the mind-set but your physical well-being as well– so make sure that you are always well nourished.

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