starting a business heres the right office for you

Starting a Business? Here’s the Right Office for You

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So you’ve finally decided to give your own office space in the Philippines a shot. It’s great to find the ideal location in which to set up the roots of your biz; and, although the process may seem a bit tedious, it is quite a fulfilling task. Every successful business has once gone through the same path that you are treading now.

Remember that thorough planning and a keen and open mind in finding the perfect office space will most likely lead you towards success.

Plan the Floor Plan

How do you envision your office workspace? Do you want a large, open floor plan, which is conducive to great communication and teamwork, or do you prefer separate rooms that offer peace and privacy for your employees as they talk to your clients over the phone? How about a mix of the two floor plans? Think about how you plan your business to operate, then select a plan that will promote productivity.

Are You Sure About the Location?

You need to choose the right location the first time, because, depending on the type of contract or terms and conditions you sign for the lease, you could be there for a while. Your business should be in a very functional location. Big cities are very expensive while remote locations are hard to access.

Lease is not the Least of Your Concerns

Make sure to negotiate the lease. Getting tied to a bad lease can create serious problems in the near future. Familiarize yourself with whoever is responsible for maintenance and repairs in your office building. Also, be always on the lookout for hidden costs. Longer leases are usually more affordable over time, but what happens if you need to terminate the lease before your contract is over? It is good to have your lawyer around when you sign the lease.

Size Does Matter

It is both impractical and expensive to move to a new office every six months when you’ve hired new employees and you are growing your business. This is the reason why the office you are leasing should be bigger than what you are expecting at first. You’ll need room for campaigns and team projects, as well as separate spaces for your employees to work on individual tasks. As your business grows, you’ll need more space to occupy. Always go large just to be safe.

Is There a Compromise in Order?

For a startup, you may not have enough money to find an office space that’s all your own. Sharing office space with another business or startup company may be a practical choice. Not only does it give you more savings, it also provides you with the opportunity to mingle and network. Selecting a space that also houses another business can give you a better opportunity to have a wider perspective of what is happening around. Everyone could use a little insight once in a while, and it isn’t exactly the worst case scenario to share your space with others who might come in handy if you need valuable best practices to learn.

Your office space in Cebu will serve as your hub; and, therefore, is very important. Finding the right space is a very important move and it would be better to hold off than to get the wrong one. With these factors in mind, are you ready to set up your own office in the metro?

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