Signs You Might Be a Workaholic

Signs You Might Be a Workaholic

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Dedication and drive towards your work, like in an office space in the Philippines, is a really positive quality. But, is work the only thing that you can think about night and day? Have you ever had that moment when somebody told you to take it easy and led you to ask yourself, “Am I a workaholic?” If so, how would you know if you really are a workaholic or just simply hardworking?

Here are some signs to tell if you might be a workaholic:

You Work Longer Than Your Colleagues

The first sign that you might be a workaholic is that you are the first one to arrive at work and the last one to leave as well. All of your colleagues and cleaning staff had already gone home and you are still there in front of your computer typing and working. This is okay if you have a lot of work to do and deadlines to pass but doing this should not become a habit.

All You Talk About With People Is Work

May it be your friend, special someone, or your family, work is the one thing you want to talk about. Your other friends may have drifted away from you, either because you bore them with your constant conversation about work or you just don’t have the time to hang out with them.

You Think About Work Even During Rest Days

Are you getting stressed when not at work? According to U.S. News, it is normal to feel stressed at work; but, stressing about not being at work is something that you should be concerned about. Weekends and holidays make you grumpy because you cannot do the work that you should be doing during weekdays. It is okay to love your job and think of it from time to time but remember that even God rested on the seventh day (and so should you).

You Don’t Get Satisfied With the Results

You are not easily pleased and satisfied with your work. No matter how hard you try, the result of that hard work is just simply not enough. It is good to strive to be better and do quality work for the company; but, it is also bad if you do not know when to stop and to recognize the achievements for both you and your staff.

You Have No Time for Hobbies

What is a hobby? There is just no time for hobbies when you are a workaholic. When you are not working at the office, possibly, you are working at your home. The times that you could have used for your hobbies or for going out with friends is simply spent on working.

Your Work Is Your Priority

Work is important but when you start losing time to take care of yourself and make a plan with others, then you might be a workaholic. You cancel future plans or appointments that you consider not so important and skip lunch breaks because work always comes first.

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