Shrinking workspace no problemo

Shrinking Workspace? No Problemo!

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Your office space in Cebu may not be the biggest and the grandest; but, by doing certain tweaks and hacks, you can turn it into a cozy place for you and your staff. A dirty, dark and cluttered environment is likely going to bring down your productivity, while a bright, open space may increase your ability to focus.

Shrinking office spaces is a global trend. Real estate projections estimate the average for all companies for square feet per worker will be as low below 150 square feet by next year. However, there are plenty of ways to maximize the space so it feels much bigger than it actually is. Here are steps to maximize your wee office space in a more productive manner.

The Purge

Depending on how much equipment you already have in your office, this may be slightly more difficult to do; but, clearing out everything is a great way to evaluate just how big your office is.

The idea here is to declutter and keep just the bare minimum amount of furniture possible to keep your business up and running. Get rid of unnecessary things, reduce your storage needs, and start thinking about vertical storage spaces to utilize as much space as possible.

While it might be a bit frustrating at the start, taking the time to assess the amount of space you have from the beginning can help you organize your office to be as efficient as possible.

Keep it… LIGHT

Sometimes all it takes is a clean, well-lighted room to make employees feel better about where they work. If your office isn’t all too big, make sure you’re not skimping on the lighting.

Improvements in lighting may dramatically affect the appearance of a small office, and also affect your employees’ work attitude. Imagine trying to work in a dimly-lit room that has little or no access to natural light.

Provide Work-from-home Opportunities

By allowing your employees to work from home, you free up space in your physical office for staff who need the office space for tasks where they physically need to be present.

Zone in, Zone out

In a space-challenged work place, it may be hard to maintain a certain amount of privacy; but, dividing your space into zones can help organize both your work and your staff. Consider creating “zones” in your office – each designated for work that needs to be done in groups and those that need to be done alone.

In zone 1, think about putting furniture, such as couches or longer tables to accommodate groups of three or more who may need a space to collaborate on tasks.

Zone 2 might be where employees look to work quietly on their computers and only need a small amount of work space to put their laptops on.

In creating these two very different zones, you set a clear distinction for the two types of work that are being done in the office and create workspaces that benefit both types of workers.

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