Seat Leasing FAQ

Seat Leasing FAQ

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Following our seat leasing 101 series, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about seat leasing. These are the questions gathered from some of our clients before they decided to choose us as their seat providers. These will shed light on some of those questions lurking on your mind before finally deciding to take the option.

What is seat leasing?

Seat leasing in the Philippines is a service provided to local and foreign organisations who want to start up or expand their businesses in the country. Seat leasing offers complete workstation and office facilities. This is one of the most popular options for businesses who want to focus more on their core needs and worry less about the physical infrastructure.

Why should I lease in MyOfficeinPh?

MyOfficeinPh is one of the leading seat leasing providers in Cebu, Philippines. Our office spaces for rent in Cebu are located in the heart of the business centre where start-ups and BPO companies set up their organisations. Our flexible and affordable rates are what differentiates us from other seat leasing providers.

What is included in my seat leasing plan/deal?

At MyOfficeinPh, we ensure that our clients’ needs are met, that is why we offer workstations with computers and chair; fast and reliable internet connection; 24/7 security systems; and IT support. We understand that business needs vary that is why we offer customised workspace solutions for our clients.

How many seats are available for lease?

Our office spaces are wide enough to house 60 seats in a single room. The entire floor has a maximum of 270 seating capacity.

How long does a contract last?

Most of the seat leasing contracts can run until seven years. However, there are seat providers who are offering flexible terms for businesses that only need to lease seats for a short period.

How much will it cost?

That actually depends on how many seats you are going to lease and as well as your business specifics. For a quick assessment and pricing, you can definitely contact us thru email at or you can call us at +63 32-412-2893. We would love to talk to you and discuss how we can help you with your business.

Why should I choose seat leasing?

There are so many benefits you can enjoy when you choose seat leasing. One of the most notable benefits is cost-efficiency. Seat leasing allows you to put up roots in the Philippines without having to spend an entire fortune for facilities and infrastructure. This is perfect for organisations who want to open up a second location without having to spend much time, money and effort. Seat leasing is also a one-stop-shop for companies looking for office spaces for rent. It is also ideal for companies who want to focus more on running their core business process rather than managing the facility as part of business management.

These are the top FAQs we have gathered and hopefully, this helps you as a business in deciding whether you will lease a seat or rent an entire office space. If you have other questions which are not on our list, please feel free to contact us today.

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