Seat Leasing 101 The Basics of Seat Leasing

Seat Leasing 101: The Basics of Seat Leasing

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In the previous blogs, we tackled the pros and cons of seat leasing, its benefits, workspace solutions, tips on how to start up a new business in the Philippines and so on. But in this blog we are going back to the basics of seat leasing, which should have been the very first topic.

The Birth of Seat Leasing

As of this writing, there is no single article on the internet about the history of seat leasing. There are many providers who claim that they pioneered the seat leasing business but no one knows when and where it all started. But one thing is for sure, seat leasing was the result of the recession in the western economy when organisations in the United States and the United Kingdom started to outsource their businesses to countries like India and Philippines. Businesses had to adopt measures to survive and grow.

This option has become one of the most popular options for companies looking at expanding their business and for start-ups entrepreneurs.

Types of Seat Leasing

This is one thing that we have overlooked on our previous blogs. And yes, there are types of seat leasing. These types are the warm and cold seats. A better understanding of these types will help business owners like you make the most of the set leasing deal you are in.

Warm Seats

is an all-in-one package where they provide you with agents or employees who will do the research for your products and services and help you reach your target market. This type of seat leasing is also called as virtual staffing, where an individual or group of individual works for your business but does not directly report to you. They are managed by an offshore lead who will be your point of contact to these people. That is the downside of warm seats, you do not have full control of the employees.

Cold Seats

is the deal for businesses who want to have full control. This is the most common type of seat leasing where a leasee only takes advantage of the office space and the infrastructure that comes with it which is included in their monthly rental fees. Seat providers like seat leasing Cebu will only care about you being compliant to the rules stipulated on the agreed terms of use. This gives business freedom over the space that they are leasing.

Seat Leasing is a Growing Industry

A seat leasing contract may last up to seven (7) years maximum. But because of the quality of office facilities and Filipino workers, many clients have decided not to relocate their businesses. This is the very reason why seat leasing in the Philippines is a growing industry. Over the years, the number of office space for rent in the major cities like Manila and Cebu has increased.

There you have it, the essentials and the need-to-know facts about seat leasing. Do you want to know more about how seat leasing can help you grow your business? Contact MyOfficeinPH today!

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