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Redesigning Your Office Space

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Seat leasing or renting an office space can help organisations save large amount when it comes to furnishing and space maintenance. It can be very beneficial to businesses especially for start-ups and small-scale establishments.

However, there are downfalls in seat leasing in the Philippines. There is the limited space as well as the very limited control over the layout, furniture, and design. Good thing seat leasing providers allow companies to customise and personalise their office spaces. This is a way for organisations to encourage creativity and boost productivity in the workplace.

Here are tips on how to redesign your office space.

Let There Be Light

Always see to it that there is enough light in the office space. Choose an office space that allows sunlight. The light of the sun enables our eyes to see a wider colour range, thus makes us see more details and perform more tasks. It can also lessen the risks of employees getting headaches and eye problems which are typically caused by artificial lighting in the office. Choose an office space for rent in Cebu that are LEED certified. Not only they use natural light, they are also using energy saving systems.

Add a Personal Touch

One way of redesigning an office space is to let employees personalise their workstations. Let them bring small items like multicoloured pen holders, a photo frame, coffee mug or even stuffed toys so long as they don’t stuff up their workstation or as long as it does not affect their productivity. This is a way of letting employees feel a sense of ownership and belongingness in the workplace. Some companies even turn this into a team contest to encourage teamwork and creativity at the same time.

This is not only a cost saving tip in redesigning but also a way of personalising your office space.

Let Them Have a Break

Staying in a confined space for the entire day can be exhausting. Let your employees have a break. Provide a space for them to get away from their desks and mingle with their co-workers. Sometimes, a change of scenery can help people think better. Include in your redesigning plan an area for breaks, maybe a lounge or break room where they can play billiards or maybe watch a movie. Give your employees a place where they can exchange ideas with one another. The pantry can be a good place too.

Redesigning an office space does not have to be expensive and time-consuming. Organisations need only to know the essentials in office space designs and of course a little bit of creativity. Not only will redesigning the workplace benefit the organisation but also it will boost their employees’ performance and enhance their relationships.

Simply make employees comfortable and more creative and redesigning is not a problem.  It is even a tool in motivation and productivity.

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