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Redesigning your Office Space in Philippines

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Seat leasing or renting an office space can help organizations save a large amount when it comes to furnishing and space maintenance. It can be very beneficial to businesses especially for start-ups and small-scale establishments.

However, there are downfalls in seat leasing Philippines. There is limited space as well as the very limited control over the layout, furniture, and design. Good thing seat leasing providers allow companies to customize and personalize their office spaces. This is a way for organizations to encourage creativity and boost productivity in the workplace.

Here are few tips on how to redesign your office space.

Let There Be Light

Always make sure that there is enough light in the office space. Choose an office space that allows sunlight. Sunlight enables our eyes to see a wider color range, thus it makes us see more details and perform more tasks. There are tons of benefits of natural light in the office space. An office space that is designed to allow plenty of sunlight and views of the outdoors means you are providing your employees a calm, welcoming environment that will make them healthier and more productive. Sunlight can also lessen the risks of the employees from getting headaches and eye problems which are typically used by artificial lighting in the office. Choose an office to rent Cebu that is LEED certified. Not only they use natural light, but they are also using energy-saving systems.

Add Personal Touch

One efficient way of redesigning an office space is to let employees personalize their workstations. Most of their time is spent at work, it’s the best thing to do to allow employees to bring small items as they take comfort from those subconsciously. Displaying family photos and personal mementos on a desk is an effective way to help your employee feel motivated, happier, healthier, and more productive at work. It also helps them maintain their emotional energy in the face of the stresses that come from their work. Also, some studies have found that open office spaces can negatively impact employee performance and tend to have higher levels of stress which makes them take more sick leave.

In order to avoid your employees from taking sick leave, do not restrict them to display personal items on their workstation because that is somehow a way of letting them feel a sense of ownership and belongingness in the workplace. Some companies even turn this into a contest to encourage teamwork and creativity at the same time.

Invest in quality furniture

Every office space Philippines has their employees sit on office furniture every day, but only a few offices bother to invest in quality desks, tables, and chairs for their workspace. Maybe you don’t know, but office furniture plays a significant role in your office which concerns the health and well-being of your employees. That is why when redesigning your office space consider the aesthetic before ordering pieces. Check the old ones and the current problems of your office with regard to the furniture. And if there are some problems, think if you could resolve this with new furniture.

Get Ergonomic

As mentioned, every office space Philippines has key components and furniture. It is important that each component is appropriately positioned to fit the employees’ body build and their regular movements. Make sure that every employee’s workstation components are ergonomically-friendly. Here are some few musts:

  • Their head must be facing forward and not angled down or overextended past shoulders and the top of computer screen should be at or below eye level.
  • Forearms and thighs must be parallel to the floor.
  • Make sure that your employee’s lower back is well supported, and their shoulders are relaxed.

For extra support and make your employees get away from back pain, you can use and purchase an ergonomic accessory, such as a laptop lift, wrist rest or footrest. These items make an immediate difference in structural support.

Match the space to the task

First, pay attention to the type of task you’re doing, and determine if the workspace has supported you instead of making it more difficult. Every different workspace is good for different tasks. Tasks are way easier when you think of the home environment. There are two most common types of tasks these are focused work and collaborative work, and each task needs spaces that prioritize and optimize the setting for each.

For example, when you take phone calls you need space away from your desks so you won’t distract your colleagues, this is called focused work.  For collaboration work, the company has a library rules in its open-space corporate offices as well as rooms where collaboration happens. The library is really open-plan offices but everybody is well-aware of how to behave in a library. Everyone’s reading, studying and thinking treating the office like a library, making the quiet norm.

When you redesign your office space, it is an advantage to match the space to the task. Because having different spaces for different tasks can increase satisfaction and performance. Take advantage of what you have, and move to an area that fits your task.

Consider Technology

While an office refurb in which solving the problems that exist for your business at the present, it is also a chance to look towards future requirements. What does the future of technology resemble for your industry? What innovation do you require in the workplace to empower manager and employees on carrying out their responsibility? It is also worth looking at implementing technology and artificial intelligence that can give data about the utilization of the office space, power, water, lifts and so much more. With the analytics, you can save money on utility costs, maximizing use areas of the office and futureproof your business development.

Think about your employees

When redesigning office space, you should put your employees first. In every change you made in your office space you should hear the side of your employees if they are okay if there will be changes to be made. As a business owner, you should put a lot of effort into employee acquisition and retention. Of course, you won’t exchange your employee for a good office design not unless it is your employees itself who asked for changes to be made.

If they are in favor of redesigning the office space think about what is the best design for them. For example, they might want an open office space without physical barriers between their co-workers allowing them for better communication, collaboration, and comradery. A cubicle-free office does not only offer those benefits, but it can also be an area where people are welcome to gather for a brainstorming session, a project meeting or simply to hang out with a book on their lunch break. If you were to made changes or remodeling an old warehouse into an office space, leaving it open will help you get the most out of this vast facility.

Let Them Have a Break

Staying in a confined space for the entire day can be exhausting. Let your employees have a break. Provide a space for them to get away from their desks and mingle with their co-workers. Sometimes, a change of scenery can help people think better. Include in your redesigning plan an area for breaks, maybe a lounge or break room where they can play billiards or maybe watch a movie. Give your employees a place where they can exchange ideas with one another. The pantry can be a good place too.

Redesigning an office space does not have to be expensive and time-consuming. Organizations need only to know the essentials in office space designs and of course a little bit of creativity. Not only will redesigning the workplace benefit the organization but also it will boost their employees’ performance and enhance their relationships.

Simply make employees comfortable and more creative and redesigning is not a problem.  It is even a tool in motivation and productivity.

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