Reasons You Don’t Get Promoted

Reasons You Don’t Get Promoted

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Some people assume that promotions are the effects of time.  They think that if you spend a lot of time working at a company in an office space in the Philippines, you will eventually get a promotion. Managers or bosses who work in an office space in Cebu don’t depend their decision of promoting employees based on how long they have been working in a company. It may somehow affect their decision; but it is not their top priority on the list of things they would consider.

Here are the reasons why your boss does not promote you:

You Don’t Make Noticeable Difference at Work

Your promotion does not necessarily mean your pay increases. A promotion is a sign or an opportunity for you to have more responsibility at work. Having more responsibility does not mean that you have the right to order and boss around your team or colleagues. Rather, it means that when something goes wrong, you will be the one who is liable and responsible for fixing it.

Getting a promotion is a huge responsibility; it is based on results. If you do not perform well, it will affect you. If your team does not perform well, it will affect you too. If you want a promotion, what is important is for you to exhibit your value.

Most companies evaluate success. They can only measure an employees’ success if they make a noticeable difference at work.

Your Attitude Towards Success

Being good at your work contributes to your success. But, you must also consider the quality of the work you do, your method, and the effect of how you do your job. Do you inspire and encourage you colleagues to be better at work?

How you reach your goals also has a big impact on whether you get promoted or not. When you work in a company, you work with a team and all the members of the team must contribute and perform well.

You Take Advantage of Your Position

If you get promoted, you get to be a leader. As a leader, you must never take advantage of your title or your new position. This does not mean you get to boss people around. As a leader, you have to inspire your team to be better and work better. By doing this, you must set an example to them not just by words but with action.  Your team won’t follow you if they can’t see you excel in what you do.

A lot of employees expect to get a promotion for the reason that they have been with a company for a long time. You must remember that promotion is a product of great results.

Do not measure your worth based on the years or months you have spent in a job or a company. Instead, start showing great results and make a difference that you can be proud of.

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