Why Ride a Bicycle to Office

Reasons Why You Should Ride a Bicycle to Your Office Space in Cebu

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Despite road improvement in most major cities in the country, it’s quite surprising that Filipinos still choose to commute via public transportation rather than ride a bike to their office space in the Philippines. While there are a lot of benefits you can get from biking, such as being able to save money, we’ve decided to list down some things you may not even know that biking to work can do for you.

Here are some of the top reasons compiled by the My Office in Philippines Team.

Biking Is Really Fun!

This is an undeniable fact – riding a bike is really fun. Riding your bike brings back fond memories of biking around the neighbourhood as kids. By biking, you turn the daily commute into something fun and carefree. Give yourself the chance to appreciate your surroundings and let your mind go free before you settle into the daily grind.

Riding Your Bike Gets You Fit

Biking to work is as healthy as it gets. Biking burns a lot of calories, and, unlike running, is very easy on your joints. Cycling is considered cardio exercise and it’s a really fun way of sneaking in some exercise to your hectic career.

Biking Makes You Happy

Riding your bike, no matter if you’re doing it to get to work, will make you feel happier. Compare the fun of breezing through traffic to the boredom of sitting in a crowded bus for hours and you will get what we are referring to. Research shows that aside from the obvious physical benefits, riding a bike can help in busting stress and improving the symptoms of anxiety. Aside from that, studies reveal that doing exercise outdoors also help in boosting one’s confidence.

Riding Strengthens Your Brain

Like any form of moderate exercise, biking helps improve your cognitive and mental skills. Don’t let your brain get stagnant –  go take a ride.

Biking Is Convenient

Some people think that biking is inconvenient – but that’s quite the opposite! If you own a car, would you consider wasted time looking for a place to park convenient? For those who bike to work, all they need to find is a place to stash and chain their bike to. Also, bikes are not as susceptible to traffic jams as other modes of transportation.

Riding Your Bike Makes You Feel Free!

Kids feel the rush of freedom once they fly through the roads with their bikes. That feeling becomes lost when people grow up, find jobs, and drive cars or ride public transportation. By riding your bike to and from work, you’ll experience that exhilarating feeling of freedom once more as you zip through traffic and explore new sights and places on your route.

By riding a bike to work, you will see the city in a different perspective and you will blend in not as a mere observer but as someone who lives in it.

Riding a Bicycle Is Eco-Friendly

Aside from being able to save money for fuel and parking, biking to work is the fastest way to get from point A to B without emitting smoke and other pollutants. Do your part in saving Mother Earth by riding a bike.

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