Radical Hacks To Help Save Office Space

Radical Hacks to Help Save Office Space

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When you rent an office space in the Philippines by the square foot, any opportunity to save office space means a chance to save some money. Sounds good right? But do you have any plans in mind on how to save a few inches off your floor plan to help keep costs down?

If you need to save space in the office, here are some solutions which may work for you:

  • Say bye to office chairs;
  • Say yes to bunk cubicles;
  • Install window cabinets; and
  • Make a digital archive

Take note that the examples below are done for the sake of fun and are all quite tongue-in-cheek. If you want to read about some serious hacks, go to the last part of this article.

Say Bye to Office Chairs

Yes, say goodbye to all of them. Standing workstations are all the rage anyway. According to Tony Randall of Randall’s Office Furniture, they can even help you shed some of that belly fat.

Say Yes to Bunk Cubicles

Children prefer bunk beds to regular beds, so it’s surely only fair to say that your staff will have more fun working in vertically stacking bunk cubicles than they currently do in their usual boring “side by side” layout. Just imagine how much floor space you’ll save! Horizontal working is so cliché, don’t you think?

Choose Outer Space

Not only will you be famous for being the first office to orbit the planet, you’ll be able to store pretty much everything off the ground thanks to the lack of gravity. Don’t forget to buy ropes and chains though, to ensure your supplies (not to mention staff) don’t float off to infinity and beyond.

Install Window Cabinets

When apartment dwellers want a bit of space to grow flowers or herbs, they turn their window ledges into gardens. So why shouldn’t your space-challenged office workers do the same? You may very well start a trend. Soon every office block will be speckled with filing cabinets nailed to their outer walls.

Make a Digital Archive

If the hacks I mentioned above aren’t the most practical of solutions, there’s one more idea that is. How about scanning your paper documents to create digital records, or storing the originals offsite? Yup, through this method, you won’t need as much hefty filing cabinets or storage littering your office.

And in case you’re really serious when it comes to saving office space, here are some realistic and practical tips:

  • Consolidate your storage space – A large amount of office storage creates clutter that you don’t need to keep. Use the full height of the room to maximize your storage space.
  • Use smaller desks and implement monitor arms to increase your office surface area.
  • Do some research to discover whether everyone needs their own workstations.
  • Create multi-purpose rooms or areas that can be used for both meetings and work.
  • Use under-utilized meeting room space for other tasks.
  • Use bench desks instead of task desks to save floor space.
  • Decrease the size and/or quantity of cellular offices.

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