A Quick Check List of Things your Spanking New Office MUST HAVE

A Quick Check List of Things your Spanking New Office MUST HAVE

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So finally, your new business just found the right office to rent in Cebu for your headquarters, made the big move and sealed the contract. Now, the second step you have to consider is how to transform that empty room into a functional office workspace — an environment that promotes productivity and where it would be fun to perform the 9-hour long shifts.

Having the ideal office space and equipment is very important to the success of your new company. In this article, we wrote down the necessities that every office should have.

Workstations must have computers, chairs and desks to work on

I don’t know what to call your office if you do not have any of the above items. A totally comfy and ergonomically designed chair is always essential for your staff to be at ease when they work. Some office spaces in the Philippines may already have these equipment available for rent so there’s no need for you to spend or buy for your office unless if those they provide don’t suit the operation processes you have to follow.

Meeting and conference rooms

Your hub must have one space where meetings and brainstorming can be done. This is the place where ideas are thrown around, where products and processes are born, and where people learn new things. An ideal modern conference room includes monitors, whiteboards and projectors for presentations, a long meeting table and chairs. Milestones are made and celebrated in this sacred spot.

Break areas

Your staff needs a break or else they’d be tired, may breakdown or even burn out. Break rooms and lounge areas are nice places where you and your staff can take a breather, talk and relax for a moment. Some break rooms are equipped with TV sets and video games, while some have foosball and pool tables available for employee use.

Remember that your staff should be allowed to have a moment to relax and have a break from time to time to avoid having health problems due to a sedentary desk job. Break rooms give your staff the necessary respite needed for them to recharge and be productive once again when they return to their work stations.

A clean, well-lighted place

Lighting is also a contributing factor in your work space. Poor lighting may lead to eye strains, poor eyesight and other eye problems. Also, poorly lit office spaces tend to make your staff drowsy. There must always be enough natural light entering the room through the windows.

Setting up your office headquarters is a huge achievement for your new business and you don’t have to hesitate. Locating the right spot to set up that office is the first step. Following the checklist above is your next move. After these, you can start hiring your employees and building your team and start operations. Keep in mind that success is like travelling and once you are on the right track, you’d be able to reach your destination.

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