questions you should ask your seat leasing provider

Questions You Should Ask Your Seat Leasing Provider

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Getting the best office space in the Philippines can be a tough journey for businesses and organisations. There is an ocean of options and the seat leasing and office space deals are too tempting. But getting the best deals for your business does not have to be hard, we listed the following questions that you should ask your seat leasing provider to give you an idea of what to expect and what you will get in a seat leasing deal. Use this as a good checklist to compare providers, services as well as pricing.

What’s included in my monthly fee?

Does the monthly fee already include the bill for the electricity and water? How about the internet? What about the workstation equipment like computers, desks and chairs? Do I need to pay extra for security and parking? These are just a few of the questions you can ask your seat leasing provider. Check the rates as well as the breakdown so you won’t get bill shocked. It is important to note that the deal that you are signing up for satisfies not only the needs of the business but also your budget.

What are the leasing terms and conditions?

This is also important because this is like the contract between tenants and providers. Always read the fine prints and clarify anything that is unclear for you. You have to be aware of the policies and conditions when it comes to using the service, your limitations and boundaries as tenants. This does not only spares you from being penalised by the providers, this also sends an impression to the providers that you are not only leasing but you also care about the space and the owners.

What services, benefits and features can I take advantage of?

Ask for the specific services the provider can offer. Check if these services are relevant to your business and compare it to other providers. Some office lease in Cebu providers offers staff leasing or administrative staff services. Check if there is IT support available or if the internet connection is reliable enough to meet your business standards. If it makes you feel better, you can ask for a tour in the office space and have a look at the office space, conference, meeting and board rooms, pantry, clinic, parking space.

What businesses are leasing in the office space and how long have they been leasing?

If you see tenants who have been there for quite a long time, that could mean that the provider offers good service. Knowing what types of businesses are in the same building can also help you decide whether the environment is best for your business.

Can the provider offer business continuity and efficiency?

You can discuss with the provider what you are looking for in an office space, like your specific requirements to the internet connection, or you may ask if they have generators for power outages.

Asking these questions will not only narrow down your search for the perfect seat leasing deal and workspace solution but also it helps you decide which provider will you go to. You can also check this list of things you need to consider in offices for lease in Cebu before you seal the seat leasing deal.

Fiber Optic Internet Operational
Back-up Internet Operational
WiFi Operational
CCTV Operational
Generator Operational
Aircons Operational
RFID Access Operational
IT Support Operational