Office Glam on a Tight Budget

Questions to Ask Before Glamming Up the Office with Your Tight Budget

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It is really fun for an entrepreneur who’s starting a new business to have his own spanking new office space in the Cebu; the next step being functional and conducive for work. But before you embrace the latest furniture and equipment trends for your new office, you should keep track on your start-up budget first.

In this article, we’ll guide you in making drastic spending decisions to better decision-making skills. To tell you the truth, if you have already set your goals, bought equipment and furniture, got a cool and comfy office, and made your workplace a productive hub already, then this should be quite easy.

Weigh in your options: new or second-hand?

Don’t get caught up with the idea of spending hard-earned cash on the latest equipment in the market thinking that money grows on trees. This lack of forethought leads you to purchase stuff with specs you may not really need, or furniture that you may regret buying when they go off trends next month. Prior to making your furniture purchase for your office, think real hard about your real needs. What is that you need to create a good impression? Be able to work productively in comfort, and to balance what you earn, spend and save?

You may always consider buying secondhand equipment and furniture as an option. Cheap yet durable stuff may just actually play the role for you. If you really need to spend cash on durable budget-friendly furniture, you may try to attend a going-out-of-business auction where you can get real good stuff that are bang for the buck.

Key take away: Don’t get caught up with trends—always consider your wallet.

Does my office design match my brand image?

In selecting the ideal furniture for your space, you may have to buy things that reflect the brand image of your business. By purchasing secondhand furniture, you may be able to save up some money but do make sure that what you buy is in top condition. Whether it be new or second-hand, your furniture should look tasteful and professional. Always opt for a coordinated look and a simple color scheme for your office space in the Philippines. Classy and elegant looking design is recommended if you want to leave a really good impression to your clients.

Look for stuff that can endure the pressure of the eight hour daily shift. Purchase chairs that are ergonomic to minimize stress. Opting for comfy and lumbar-support chairs really makes a huge difference!

Keep in mind that your taste in furniture is part of your corporate or brand image.

Have you put your email system into consideration?

No matter what some people will say to you, let us get things straight—DO NOT set up your own email system. This is because setting up your own system makes you prone to occasional crashes and may also be quite unreliable. A working option that may help save you money is finding a name that represents your business best in one of those established commercial email hubs. If your business name of choice is not available, try to coin something that sounds professional.

Again, let us stress this point: unless you have a strong IT team, never mind getting an email system.

Fancy, high end copiers are a tad overrated

For a new business or a start-up operating in a small space, having a basic printer that doubles as a scanner or a copier will work just fine. However, if you are thinking about doing a lot of hardcore bulk copying and/or printing, it would just be better if you’ll find a supplier to do the heavy tasks for you.  Also, when you buy equipment make sure that they are repairable and easy to service.

Given all points above, here’s one strong conclusion: Buy the things you need, not what you want.

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