Put the Word “FUN” In Office! Here’s How You Can Do It

Put the Word “FUN” In Office! Here’s How You Can Do It

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When you’re in a fulfilling and happy job, one that you enjoy doing and where you’re skilled at, you’re not just a better member of the staff – you also turn into a better friend, person and member of society.

So, as a kudos to all bright and fun offices everywhere, here’s a list of fun and happy things you can do in your office space in Cebu to put a smile on your staff’s lips while enhancing your team’s productivity.

Incorporate “Inuman” as Part of Your Culture… Occasionally, and Outside the Office

Let’s go out for a few drinks, food, and videoke from time to time.

Having a few shots after shifts is a fun way to boost morale, and foster friendships while getting to know the real people behind the employees outside work.

Drink moderately though.

The Team That Eats Together, Stays Together

Eating together is fun; and, in the process, you get to know each other better.

Glam Up That Dull Office

You know what’s boring? White walls, grey ceilings and harsh fluorescent lamps.

When you spend such a huge percentage of your waking life in the office, it’s important that it reflects not only your brand image, but also the interests of the people behind it.

A fun, light-hearted environment may even make you look forward to going to the office every day!

Let’s Get Physical

The benefits of having fun, fitness activities such as a regular Zumba program are manifold. It comes not just in terms of how people will be more healthy but it also helps improve their outlook in life (and work).

If exercise and dancing ain’t your thing, you can have yoga sessions, which is also a stress relieving alternative. Or, how about boxing and Crossfit from time to time?

Do Something Unique and Weird That You Can Claim to Be the Only Company Who Has It

Every office has its own quirks that make their office stand out. Every office has a unique and fun aspect that you can’t really see in other companies. It’s probably something really personal that reflects your friendship at work – like your own interest as a group.

So, if you don’t have a secret Everwing team in your office, then it’s time to create one.

Have Snacks Galore

Stocking a pantry with lots of snacks is an affordable way of making people happy. Aside from giving staff some things to snack on during coffee breaks, it is also practical because people don’t have to run to 711 if they want a quick snack.

Have Space for Fun and Play

Need a quick breather to de-stress? Maybe play a Playstation game or table tennis in the break room. Fun activities like these can help keep people sane.


Coffee is something that we in the office will surely appreciate. It keeps us awake and perky, so that’s why it’s always a good idea to have free coffee always available.

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