Proven Ways to Keep Motivated At Work

Proven Ways to Stay Motivated At Work

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Have you ever had the feeling that you are burning out from work? You feel terrible, like you’re falling behind in your business or career. You’re bored, demotivated, and you don’t want to meet up with your friends because you don’t want to talk about work. I’ve totally been there too, and I’ve felt the frustration that comes from lack of motivation at work.

But let me tell you the good news. Once you recognize the things that can help you keep motivated, you have the power to redesign your workday in a way that gets you moving.

Here are some things that I’ve learned that can help you keep pushing forward in your office space in Cebu:

Identify Your Purpose

Work is most fulfilling when it’s clear what exactly you’re trying to accomplish. Think about it: how great does it feel when you know you’ve hit your sales goals or made great progress on a big project? On the other hand, nothing is worse than working all day and thinking “What did I even do today?”

Understand the Importance of Your Tasks

Another key to staying motivated is knowing that the work you’re doing makes an impact to society in some way – recognizing the effects you’re making on your clients, your company, or the world.

If you’re not totally seeing this connection, try to dig deeper. You could check your weekly sales reports to see the increase in your company’s bottom lines, for example.

Find Autonomy in Your Workplace

Finally, this is a really important one: have some kind of independence in your job. Now, this doesn’t mean that you always get to do what you want – it just means you get a the chance to choose the way that you’re doing things.

For example, say, you need to secure five more sales for the week. It’s much more motivating to be able to determine how to do that on your own terms. Perhaps you want to build your online presence, or you enjoy building relationships in the real world. Sure, in the corporate world, there are plenty of things that must be done a particular way that follows a process – but, there are also plenty of places where you can ask your boss for more independence.

And that brings this article to my final point: Unless you are self-employed, you probably don’t have the power to totally rewrite your job description. But, what you can do is to talk with your boss. You can identify the skills you want to improve, ask for feedback more often, probe for clarification when tasks are not clearly identified or seem insignificant, or ask to take on different projects or have more “say” on a project.

More than likely, you’ll be able to change something about your tasks. And not only will you be more motivated – your boss will be impressed you’ve taken the step to express yourself.

So here’s my question: what’s stopping you from being motivated at work?

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