Prevent Boredom, Kill Time With These Useful Tips

Prevent Boredom, Kill Time With These Useful Tips

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Maybe you were able to hit your deadlines in your office space in the Philippines with lots of time to spare. Maybe there’s not much to do this work week. Whatever it is, you are bored, and procrastination is not a really good thing to do in the work place.

Instead of playing Mobile Legends or worse, dozing off on your desk, find something to do and put dead time to good use. Time is a resource that is worth money, and you are paid based on time spent in the office. Find something to do that will help you improve your skills or learn something new that may help you reach new levels and maybe a raise in the future.

Check these tips out and who knows those idle moments may lead to your career growth.

Create a blog

Most likely the office you belong in has its own blog. If it doesn’t have one, it’s about time that it should. If you find yourself staring blankly at the four walls of your office space in Cebu, it would be a perfect chance to think about or research a nice topic you can post on your office blog. Why not write something about your expertise and draft it in a way that is easy for ordinary people to understand. Other articles you can write about are your company’s culture or upcoming events. By doing so, you can help improve your company’s SEO as well as have some articles online published under your name.

Find a certification

Being certified in something is also a very good way for you to improve your credentials and get a raise. You can master a particular skill set and get certified for it. Why not get certified in basic computer programs, such as MS Office programs like Excel, or Web tools such as Facebook AdsManager. You could also get certified in technical skill procedures, such as system maintenance. Keep in mind that each certification that you get makes you more valuable and gives you higher chances of getting that raise.

Find out about new marketing and online trends

Things are fast evolving and lots of developments are always happening, both in and out the business you belong in. Find time to immerse yourself in important news, and you might find yourself being able to conceptualize new ideas that could help improve your department or your office as well. Like for instance, you could learn more about new processes that make things more efficient in your field or a new marketing trend that could change the way you engage with your clients. By doing so, you may be able to give insight to your team, your supervisors or your bosses when it comes to boosting your company’s productivity.

Give a hand in organizing your office

Help out in organizing the work place. You may contribute to this by cleaning your desk of clutter and making sure that the space around you is free from rubbish. A clean workspace gives a very good impression to those higher-ups walking around your work floor. Aside from helping organize the office physically, you can also help in organizing it in terms of work-flow and processes. Find time to review and improve your workflow process on how you handle tasks. Find strategies that will help you become more efficient in the things that you do, and document the improvements you’ve done.

Find the opportunity to be an expert on something

If you know that you are good in doing something, it is advisable that you step up and be an expert on it. Let’s say, if you already know how to read the analytics on your Facebook page, take every opportunity to dig deeper and learn more to your advantage. During those times you are faced with boredom, take a moment to watch a video tutorial or read an online article, discover what’s new and practice how to use them. The result will eventually speak for itself and, who knows, you might have a shot at promotion and a potential salary increase.

To conclude this article, let me just say that idle time is not always detrimental. Think of it as a golden opportunity for you to improve yourself and to fatten up that pay-check.

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