Office Trend The Perks of Standing Desks

Office Trend: The Perks of Standing Desks

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The typical, conventional office set up is sitting down, with chairs in the work stations. However, there are reports of employees developing health complication with this set up. According to studies, sitting for more than 5 hours can result in detrimental health conditions. Though some employees resort to working out in the gym or any other exercises after sitting for long hours in the office. But endocrinologists confirmed that workout after shift cannot beat the ill effects of sitting long hours in the office.

This brings us to a healthier option, standing desks. Standing while working is good for the health, that is why this set up is on trend.

Perks of Standing While Working

Aside from ergonomics, standing desks also have a number of physiological benefits. Standing desks allow employees to move freely in their workspace and increase body activity levels. Sitting for long hours has been reported to have caused harmful diseases. Seat leasing in the Philippines encourages lessees to apply workspace design that will allow employees to move while working.

Lower Risk of Detrimental Diseases


In an experiment, researchers found out that the key to effective weight loss is constant and consistent movements. Standing while working experiments also show that employees burn more calories in a day. Employees who are sitting more than 5 hours a day are prone to obesity.

Diabetes and Metabolic Problems

Difficulty in glucose management in the bloodstream is related to sitting for long hours according to studies. Sitting for long periods makes the body unable to produce the chemicals required to process sugar and fats while standing allows the body to stretch muscles; keeps the blood circulating and controls the sugar levels.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Extended sitting hours can often lead to increased risks of cardiovascular diseases such as cardiac arrest, hypertension and blood clots. Standing while working, on the other hand, allows the body to adjust and increase muscle activity levels.


High levels of C-reactive protein are found on employees who tend to sit for long periods. One way to reduce this is to set up standing desks especially in the rented office or if your business is in a seat leasing deal.

Mortality Risks

Exposure to detrimental diseases like cancer, obesity, and diseases can lead to higher risks of dying. Standing and engaging in other activities can help reduce this risk. As standing can relieve back pains and injuries as well as enhance alertness, concentration and posture.

Physiological benefits

A number of studies and researches have confirmed the physiological benefits of standing that is why most offices for rent in Cebu allow lessees to customise their office design and use standing desks. This may not be a very common practice among organisation but many have decided to adapt to the trend. This has allowed employees to change from sitting to standing positions at ease in the workplace.

Standing desks can be an expensive office trend because it will require adjustable tables and monitors for employees to work on while standing. This is one of the very common reasons why organisations’ interior office designers choose not to adapt to the trend. But countless companies are applying the standing desks method to create a healthier working environment and promote employee welfare.

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