office design trends to watch out for in 2017

Office Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

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Workplace design has significantly improved over the last decade. From the monolithic, robust office designs of the past to the “office is a playground” approach of the present. As new technology tools emerge, a well-designed workplace should be flexible enough to keep up with the pace. As 2016 is coming to a close, let’s take a look at some revolutionary workplace designs that’s going to make a buzz in 2017.

Integrated Technology

Workspaces that integrate well with technology is beginning to influence office designs. Wireless charging of devices will be a common place in every design and will likely to be embraced quickly if emerging smartphones and other devices support this feature.

Integrating technology with workplace furniture can help save space, increase productivity and cost-effectiveness. Most of it are already being practiced in some office space for rent in Cebu which includes wiring solutions for cables, drawers for holding charging stations, electrical outlets, among others.

Designs for increased well-being

The well-being of employees has become the main aspect of workplace design more recently. With their health and well-being as central to the design, we see a positive impact on the happiness and productivity in the workplace. This means fewer staff turnovers and decreased employee costs.

Things like sit-stand desks, designated areas for collaboration and privacy, comfort, lighting, airflow, lifestyle options such as gym memberships or starting later in the day can help increase the productive well-being of your people.

“Bringing in the Outdoor” design

Incorporating “nature-inspired” designs is becoming more prominent in every workplace design. Floral patterns in fabric and artwork, exposed concrete floorings, and living walls are some of the concepts being implemented to make offices somewhat naturalistic. This concept can also help promote environmental awareness and healthy lifestyle if you include harvestable plants such as lettuce for lunch.

Future-Proof design

A flexible layout can help adapt to new and changing design requirements. Modular seats and workbenches, meet point tables, deskpods, and acoustic elements all support a well-planned, high functioning and flexible workplace.

Other considerations for a future-proof design are power and data. Soft wiring can help save time and increase safety while also allows rewiring to adapt to every change. Re-usable outlets and easy-to-add connections allow for reconfiguration or expansions at a reduced cost.

Colourful Furniture and Accessories

Organizing work environment with colour can also help make your thoughts more organised and colourful. Studies show that colour can boost happiness, creativity, and productivity. We’ll be seeing offices integrating pops of colour in unique ways and strive to lead in offering a wide colour spectrum of accessories and furniture.

As these designs offer new ways for workplaces to adapt to ever-changing working styles and tasks for the coming years, it’s still worth noting that it’s all about designing for your employee’s welfare. More employers realise that taking care of their staff needs a healthier, happier workplace and, in turn, can boost productivity and improve your business bottom line.

Watch out for more beautifully designed workplaces to emerge in 2017.


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