Morning Habit to Help Boost Your Creativity

Morning Habit to Help Boost Your Creativity

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Not everyone is a morning person. But, once you make a habit of waking up early in the morning, it will be easier for you to become more creative. Why morning? Because starting your day right will make your day right. So you have to be consistent in doing these habits and routines to get better results.

Here are some habits you can practice to help you boost your creativity. These will be useful while you work in your office space in the Philippines.

Listen to Classical Music

Studies show that listening to classical music may help increase desire and your ability to create. You have the choice of listening to Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach. But, if you are not a fan, you can look for other options that suit you best.


Get your notebooks out and start writing. I know it’s the digital age now and you can use online apps to type in your notes or ask Siri to write down for you. But, writing by hand remains a sought-after tool for those who are artistically inclined. Writing or journaling is a great way to express your mind and to be more creative.


Meditation can help you discover and come up with creative ideas. It gives you time to think things through and doing so will help you clear your mind from stress and bring new and refreshed ideas. Meditation is easy if you put your heart in it. It will only take you a few minutes per day. No need for equipments – just yourself and a quiet room for you to sit in.

Prepare a Healthy and Exciting Breakfast

Try out new and different breakfast recipes. This way, you will be able to discover new flavors that may excite your mind and your taste buds, as well. However, if you do not have time to prepare your meals, you can simply prepare a bowl of fruits rich in antioxidants, which is healthy for you. Not only will it help you boost your creativity, it will also help you stay healthy and fit. Remember, a healthy body means a healthy mind.

Watch Entertaining Videos

Go to YouTube and watch funny videos or any entertaining videos that can help boost your mood. Being in a good mood promotes creative thinking. At the same time, watching entertaining videos will help you gather ideas for your advantage.

Do a Lot of Walking

Do you commute when you go to work? Rather than taking a cab ride going to your office space in Cebu where it’s just 3-5 blocks away, why not take time to walk? Walking helps boost creativity compared to just sitting.  When you can, walk when you go to work or when you go to the grocery store near you. Walking also helps pump your creative juices. Not only that, you save a lot of money rather than paying for expensive cabs. Plus, it helps burn calories. So what are you waiting for? Start walking today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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