Maximize your Office Space with these Helpful Tricks

Maximize your Office Space with these Helpful Tricks

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Whether you’re working for a BPO or in-house, majority of us dwelling in offices leased in Cebu have workstations and offices are way smaller than we wanted it to be. Fret no more! Here’s how you get the most from your office space in Cebu, no matter how space-challenged it is.

Do the purge

Mess is the ultimate demise of a small office. If you are currently in a dire need to have a functional and effective yet space-limited office, you have to regularly purge the mess. No matter what type of business you are involved in, chances are, your office will most likely get cluttered up way fast; and it doesn’t matter if you are working from home. Your cute home office with the teeny-weeny small desk and limited storage can disappear in a few weeks’ time, thanks to the accumulated mess. Make it part of your routine to file or shred regularly.

With a small office to work on, you don’t have the luxury of doing the cleaning up for later. Live with the clutter or deal with it now—those are your only two options.

Once purging has been part of your workflow, the next step you need to do is to learn how to organize. In an office that is not well-organized, most of the clutter ends up on your desk. By purging, you lessen the things that will just end up as clutter which eventually end up piling up on your desk.

Try going vertical

Nowhere to go but up!

If the horizontal space of your floor plan is already taken up by desks and tables, you have enough space behind your workstations that can be utilized by stacking and shelving. Vertical spaces are underrated but are very practical. Maximize space by using shelves and stackable storage.

Hide the clutter

Unless you have shrunk your entire office to a single table with just a notepad on it, there is absolutely no way to keep away from clutter. Whatever you need in the office, be it your desktop or file cabinets, will take up space. Utilize baskets on shelves to keep small stuff, put boxes under your desk, and keep the things minimal on your desk. Anything that aren’t used daily should not eat up space on your desk.

Keep those cables organized.

If tangled cables are an ugly sight in spacious office, it looks way more hideous and even dangerous in a small one. Buy cable organizers or find ways to hide those cables before they trip anyone or caught on fire

Borrow amazing ideas from other work spaces.

Read articles just like this and always keep an open eye for tips that may work in your office. Not every office in a real-life setting complies to your expectations in size, but you’ll always be able to find something helpful in dealing with the space from time to time.

Every small space office and its tenants have different needs. But with the use of the right lighting as well as daily de-cluttering, you can at least move around comfortably.

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