Choosing the Best Office Space in the Philippines

Looking For an Office Space in the Philippines? Here’s a Quick Guide in Choosing the Best Location

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When it comes to choosing an office space for lease, location is often a major factor business owners consider next to cost.

However, when it comes to leasing an office space in Cebu and the surrounding area, you should also take into account whether it fits your customer’s needs and provides you with the facilities you require.

Let me guide you to some key factors you should take into account.


If you’re looking for office space, location should be at the top of your list of requirements, alongside price. Ideally, your customers and employees should be able to find and reach the location with ease. Look at the parking options as well as the accessibility to public transit.

Also consider whether it’s in a good neighborhood or not. Cheap rent could be a good indicator that the area isn’t so safe or is perhaps difficult to get to. You may also want to be sure that it’s close to other amenities, such as restaurants, where you and your staff or clients can eat.

Know More About the Space You Are Planning to Rent

Find out all you can about the space you are renting. This is why it’s important to visit the office you’re considering and be sure the landlord shows you everything. When you’re looking to rent an office space, look at the smaller offices in the building to start; the landlord may just offer you incentives to rent a larger space once you’re already on the property.


In today’s fast paced ultra-connected world, an office space with good infrastructure should be at the top of your list of desired features. You want to know that the space includes a reliable Internet connection, among other things, such as phone lines and postal service.

Business Type

Always consider your company’s type of business or industry when selecting your space. Different spaces may cater to different types of industries. For instance, a residential spot may not be the best choice if you are expecting frequent shipments of goods. On the other hand, if you’re a startup and are looking at shared offices, then one in a downtown hub may present opportunities for networking.

Proximity to You, Your Staff and Your Clients

How close will your business hub be to your customers, competitors, suppliers, and partners? When choosing an office space, you may want to ensure that it has the right proximity for your company. This will differ from business to business. Ideally, you may want to be as close to your clients as possible, with proximity to suppliers and partners being very important as well.


Does your office have the right environment and ambience for your staff? Ambience is often overlooked, but it can have a big effect on productivity. Quiet spaces are not just important for your staff but also for your reputation, especially when it comes to meeting with investors, partners, or clients. One of the best renting office space hacks is to check out any office in person and determine its ambience before signing a lease.

Is Your Office Space Accessible?

When it comes to accessibility, you should consider more than your own ease of getting to the office. Employees, clients, customers and suppliers all need to be able to get to and access your office space, whenever necessary. Does your office space have easy access by car or public transportation? Does it have delivery access for your third party suppliers?

Fiber Optic Internet Operational
Back-up Internet Operational
WiFi Operational
CCTV Operational
Generator Operational
Aircons Operational
RFID Access Operational
IT Support Operational