Killer Moves to Boost Confidence and Success at Work

Killer Moves to Boost Confidence and Success at Work

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It is common knowledge that being competent is needed in order to succeed in an office space in the Philippines. However, without a sprinkle of confidence, competence is not enough. It is too bad that a lot of pros with potential lack confidence.

But the good news is it only takes a few small steps to gain the confidence you need to tackle the corporate world head on.

Below is a list of things you can do to boost your self-esteem and be ready to face the world with your head held high:

Go Out of Your Comfort Zone and Show Them What You’ve Got

Step up for a project where you can learn new things and grow. If you are afraid of speaking in public, why not sign up for a speaking engagement? Once you’ve conquered your fears, the possibilities are endless.

Know Your Goals and How You Can Reach Them

Visualize yourself in the situation you want to be in. Athletes, such as professional basketball players, always picture how they will throw the ball to make sure it gets into the basket. If you want to be on top of the corporate ladder, dress and act the part.

Know Your Skills and Capabilities

Create a list of the things you are capable of doing. Include your talents that will help you and the organization succeed in the future.

Learn How to Evolve With Your Environment

Instead of resigning from the company if they cannot provide you with what you want, learn how to adapt to your advantage instead.

Let Influence From Others Boost Your Confidence

People who were able to step up the rungs of the corporate bureaucracy are those who are most confident with their skills in getting things done. Based on studies, a huge percentage of bosses feel that they have too much tasks at hand and they are overburdened. This is a perfect time for you to step up. When people see how proactive and confident you are, you will begin to instill trust from others.

Change Your Mindset

Since Christopher Robin is trending right now, let me tell you about an old Winnie The Pooh anecdote. When Pooh feels down, Christopher Robin never fails to remind the loveable bear about how he is much braver, smarter, and better than he thinks he is. Truth be told, you are more competent than what you perceive. If you shift your mindset to that of self-assured confidence, you will be surprised at how strong you really are.

Be the Catalyst of Change

Once you have established your own confidence, it is now time to give others a helping hand. Through peer influence, you can help others realize their full potential for success and be able to help the organization in reaching its goals.

Let others in your company see how improved confidence helps you become more productive. Always give positive feedback and constructive criticism to your peers to help them realize their strengths, as well as the areas they need to improve on. By helping one another, you will not just help your colleagues in reaching individual goals but will benefit the company as well.

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