keep your team motivated with these simple steps

Keep Your Team Motivated With These Simple Steps

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A well-motivated team is a productive team. That’s a fact. Remember, your employees are the main and the most important resource of your office space in the Philippines. If you are wishing for great results, you need to have a motivation strategy to create and maintain the spirit of enthusiasm among your employees. Below are some effective ways for you to motivate your office space in Cebu staff.

It is not only your leadership style that impacts your team’s performance— motivation is equally important.

Motivate your team despite of change

Whenever changes are introduced in the office, it is unavoidable for some to feel uncertainty, stress and anxiety especially those affected by and those implementing change. Although this may have an impact on the motivation and performance of your staff, success is more likely if you motivate your team. Sadly, some superiors use fear or draw from accrued good will to achieve results. But this method only works for a while and ultimately damages your credibility. A people-oriented leadership style is key to motivating and empowering your staff.

Have a clear goal setting

Setting clear goals is linked to task performance and is the main source of intrinsic motivation―that is, motivation driven by making your team feel interested in their tasks. Setting specific and clear goals leads to greater output and better team performance. Make things unambiguous, measurable and clear for them with a deadline for completion to avoid any misunderstanding.

Empower your team to be open to each other

Putting an emphasis on employee participation promotes communication, openness and the direct involvement of team members in decision-making. Provide support and make discussions open to help the team solve problems. As confidence, commitment and competence improves delegate tasks and let team members make decisions or find solutions to challenges.

Provide the right support

Changes push the team to learn new skills that encourages them to understand and interpret new ways of working. As a leader, you must give the team and individual opportunities to develop and try new approaches. Make sure your team has appropriate training, development resources, and time to confirm their new skills.

Communicate your vision

Be sure that you define, develop, articulate, and communicate the vision in a straightforward fashion. Inspiring others to follow your lead is the real challenge! To motivate your team you need a simple, clear, and relevant vision of the way ahead. What’s more, you too need to be credible, trusted and believable.

Show you appreciate them

Make sure to invest your time and energy in your team. We all need to be appreciated and your team is no different! Show them that you have a genuine personal interest and commitment in them. Appreciating what they do shows that they are valued and the work they do really does matter.

Be sure to motivate your team. A motivated team has a strong sense of responsibility and friendship. Motivate your team and see how productivity will improve in the workplace.

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