its time to take a stand

It’s Time to Take a Stand

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Calling out all people who have spent their lives almost sitting. Did you know that your sedentary lifestyle has ill effects? You may have heard about the sitting disease and yes, it is real.

Researchers found that there is a different condition affecting those who are sitting for extended periods – office workers and other sedentary people. Thus is the Dormant Butt Syndrome.

Laugh all you want with the disease’s name but this thing exists. And it’s not just the butts but this disease can even result to complications in the knee, hip, and back.

Dormant Butt Syndrome

We cannot deny the fact that our day-to-day activities include mostly sitting on a chair. From working in the office, driving going to and from home, watching TV and playing video games. In an average, a person can sit about 13 hours a day and that’s a lot of hours. No wonder our butts are complaining and this results to Dormant Butt Syndrome.

DBS is the physical deterioration of the gluteal muscles caused by sitting for long hours. The muscles are deteriorating because of lack of use.

Quick Facts About Dormant Butt Syndrome (DBS)

  1. Weak butt muscles are the primary cause of DBS.
  2. Almost anyone can be a victim – sedentary and active people can develop DBS.
  3. Treatment of the disease includes butt exercises and stretching the hip flexors. Also, patients are advised to take a break from long periods of sitting and walk around as much as possible.

It would be very impractical to quit your job and look for a more active position. Most of us would never trade other jobs than the ones that we already have so we have researched these simple ways to avoid and prevent Dormant Butt Syndrome.

Be Active

It is advised to always take short breaks. Make it a habit of walking around the office space for a few minutes and perform a few squats or lunges, not only this prevents DBS but it will also make your butt look great in your jeans.

Stand Up

Do some stretching, or ask a colleague if he/she wants coffee. The goal is to walk away from your chair as much as possible. There are office spaces for rent in Cebu that allows tenants to mount set-to-stand desks to allow employees to adjust their workstations from sitting to standing positions. Standing desks are also becoming an office trend and office lease in Cebu and other seat leasing properties are including them in their office space design options.

Get Out

Instead of taking lunch in your workstation, go out and walk at lunch. Not only will the fresh air and walk be good for you but also for your butt.

Dormant Butt Syndrome might not be as harmful as you think but as soon as you have it the effects are not only limited to your butt but it may lead to knee, hips, and back pains. Get ready for some walks, lunges and squats. It’s the perfect time to stand and take a stand against DBS!

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