How to Tackle the Toughest Workplace Misunderstandings

How to Tackle the Toughest Workplace Misunderstandings

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Conflict and friction that may happen in your office space in the Philippines may come in different forms. But one thing is for sure  – you must resolve them. The most common problems may come from the fact that everyone has his own personality differences and working styles.But no matter where these conflicts may come from, it is your role as a manager or a business owner to provide a solution to end them.

Interdependence Issues

When the output of each individual depends on others, then this type of conflict may happen. Let us say the creatives team is always late in submitting the artwork. What happens is that the digital marketing team will have a hard time in posting up to date content in the company’s social media page.

To minimize or resolve conflicts that usually occur because of interdependence, your team have a process in place in which they can set time lines and divide tasks.

Differences in Working Styles

How each person accomplishes the tasks given to him or her vary. There are people who are OC and by the book when it comes to submitting their work and there are some who are more laid back and relaxed.

You may avoid a lot of friction from occurring by looking deeper into the situation and creating a work flow that applies to different types of workers.

Class, Gender, and Race

Sometimes issues may arise if your work place is a diverse one. The best way to solve this is by making sure that your staff embraces diversity and set rules that discourage bigotry in the office.

Conflicts that Root from Management

Like each member of the staff having different work styles, the same goes to the bosses. Some supervisors are control freaks while some are more laid back.

To solve this, set a system where decisions can be made regardless of the management style.

Differences in Personality

The most common type of conflict that may happen in any office space in Cebu are the ones caused by sudden outbursts of emotions due to not being able to comprehend one another. An example would be someone suspecting a member of the team to be uncooperative just because he prefers to work alone.

With this type of conflict and the ones we mentioned beforehand, ignoring them having the wrong impression that friction resolves by itself will negatively impact your business. Worse, it may even cost your company money just for crisis management.

What’s sad about this is that the negative feelings that you feel in the office may even follow you home.

Is it considered too much to spend some of your company budget on training your employees on how to solve interpersonal conflicts? The answer is a resounding, NO. In fact, doing so may be a practical thing to do. In fact, big businesses and multinational companies are very much aware of how soft skills training and team building can have a positive effect on productivity.

Once conflict and friction get resolved, your office will be a happier, healthier and more productive place to work in.

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