How to Get The Job

How to Get The Job

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Preparing for job interviews is an essential part of getting the job. You have go out there, make an impression, and sell yourself to your clients. Now, you might be wondering what selling in the corporate world means. After all, selling yourself does not literally mean throwing yourself at your future boss.

In fact, according to Forbes, many people have no idea how to “sell” themselves to employers. Selling does not mean convincing and pleading with your employer to hire you. What it truly mean is that it is about how you can help and contribute to their company. In an office space in the Philippines, discussing with your future employers ways on how you can contribute to the company would count most rather than spending your interview just talking about yourself. Aside from these, what are the other things you could do to help you pass your job interview and land the job?

Create a Specific Cover Letter

According to TheBalance, creating a cover letter would help to get your resume noticed by the hiring manager. Remember to make it concise, but still meaningful to get you more chance to be interviewed. Mention what you can do for the company in the first paragraph; this gives you a better chance to be interviewed by the hiring manager.

Research About the Company stated that 47 percent of hiring managers eliminated candidates because they have little to no idea about the company they are applying for. It is an important reminder to research first about the company before you do the interview as this show how interested and willing you are to work for their company.

Polish Your Resume

Your resume is one of the key to get you into the job. This should contain important facts, data, and summaries about yourself that would help the hiring managers get to know you before they interview you. Make sure to encode the things that might help you get the job and avoid unnecessary information. Research online about what you should include in your resume and what the proper format should be.

Dress for the Job

First impression matters. How you look during your interview will have an impact on the hiring manager’s decisions. Dress professionally and avoid overly dressing. According to, 70 percent of hiring managers took candidates out of the running for being too fashionable and trendy during their interview.

Nail Your Interview

All your preparation comes down to your interview. It’s normal to get nervous; but, remember not to let your nerves get the best of you. Remember to be prepared and confident when talking to the hiring manager and find the best sitting position to avoid dead air and awkwardness. Do your homework and research about the company, prepare at least two copies of your resume, wear smart clothes, and be your best.

Send a Thank You Note

After the interview, send a thank you note to the hiring manager for considering you to be interviewed. It’s a good trait to show your appreciation and a way to reiterate your interest to join their company.

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