how to declutter your workspace to reduce stress

How to Declutter Your Workspace and Reduce Stress

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Here’s an overview of what makes a good workspace. Having a good office space in Cebu is important; ergonomic equipment and all the high-tech gadgets make only one half of the equation – the physical half. The other half is mental. And for us, the best way to keep a positive attitude in the workplace is to have a clean, decluttered working area and a fair bit of natural light coming into your room.

Keep in mind you don’t have to go to extremes; but what is important is that you are doing things properly.

First, Remove all the Stuff from the Room

If you’re decluttering the same way I have, this means removing everything. Now that the room is empty, have the place cleaned to get the room in its best condition. You don’t empty the whole room often and this may be your last chance for a few more months, or even years if you don’t move regularly. The cleaning stage is all a part of decluttering, and this gives you unhindered access to every cranny of the room.

Give all Items Equal Value

The first thing you do when you examine the contents of a room for decluttering is discount your ability to declutter certain things.

It is quite possible that all the stuff in your office dividers or a part of your desk are actually clutter you don’t need. By viewing all items as potential targets of the decluttering machine, you’ll realize you could gain significant space in the room.

Choose Only the Necessities

The next temptation is to fill the room with things you think you might need to have on hand, but in reality, only use once a week or once a month. The key to a successful decluttering is to choose the absolute necessities for your workspace, and only bring those items back into the office.

Be Conscious on how You Place Items

Once you have made a conscious decision about what gets to come back in before you actually bring everything back in, you can go about finding a place for each item. Think carefully about where you’re going to put it in order to maximize the amount of room you have, in terms of both floor space and desk space. Removing one component of your desk allows you to increase your floor space drastically and reduces the sense of clutter and claustrophobia – doing so makes the office a much more productive and positive place to work in.

Make Regular Decluttering a Habit

People will often tell you that you should now make a general and obtuse commitment to keep your office space in the Philippines decluttered; but, we all know how mess gathers. It creeps up slowly and you have to set aside a specific time at a regular interval to fight it off and keep things at bay. Whether you find five minutes at the end of each day or an hour once a week works best for you, don’t make the mistake of telling yourself you’ll just magically keep the workspace uncluttered with your newfound “organized” attitude. It doesn’t work that way. Just make a commitment to declutter again at regular intervals.

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