how to deal with todays shrinking office space

How To Deal With Today’s Shrinking Office Space

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While office space in Cebu continues to be among the most affordable in South East Asia, businesses are still trying to save and maximize minimal space to house more employees and equipment. With the desire to save more money, companies opt to stay within limited confines despite the growing number of employees.

Because of this, staff will have to adapt to the inconveniences of being cramped in the same area which is usually separated only by cubicle walls. Aside from the need for privacy and personal space, not everyone can handle the distractions brought about by their colleagues.

Check out the tips below on how you can make the small office set up bearable for you and your staff.

Working from home may be a good idea

With internet access being available almost everywhere and with advancements in technology, there are only a few reasons left to not let your staff work from home. Also, why let your employees experience the hassles of daily traffic when their jobs don’t really need them to be physically present? It might also save you budget on resources if you let your employees work from home.

Respect personal space

Everyone needs some privacy and a bit of alone time. That is why staff should be allowed to leave their workstations from time to time. Be less restrictive when it comes to giving your staff a breather from the stress of deadlines and the daily grind.

Give your employees a play area or a private space to relax

It would be beneficial for employees to relax and stay away from the grind for a short while during their shift. A small room with a desk, books, magazines, or board games may provide some needed RnR for employees to relax their minds and let go of some stress before going back to their workstations. A separate room for smoking breaks is also a good idea.

Provide noise canceling headphones to your employees

With the continuous noise emanating from the workplace, it is easy for your employees to lose concentration or get cranky. A good way to solve this problem is by providing them with noise canceling headphones so they can listen to their type of music as they work without having to bear the constant drone of the noisy workplace.

Embrace the concept of renting coworking spaces

With the rise of startups companies, a growing number of young entrepreneurs are looking to coworking facilities to use as affordable office space. In addition to WiFi access, conference rooms, and kitchens, these rental spaces also offer new companies to work closely while not being enclosed in a cramped workspace.


As office spaces shrink, it is highly recommended that you and the company admin offer solutions to the challenges faced by employees working in the limited confines of the workplace.  To help maintain the productivity of employees in your office space in the Philippines, make sure that the solutions you are doing to remedy their situations are well thought of and effective. Always make sure to regularly check if your solutions work since problems connected to a restrictive workplace may affect your employees’ wellbeing and your company’s output as well.

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