How to Deal with Millennials in Your Office Space in the Philippines

How to Deal with Millennials in Your Office Space in the Philippines

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The term “millennials in your office space in Cebu” usually reminds us of open work spaces complete with bean bags, bars, and free coffee. Some may think of it as a place where stylish, creative types spend more time procrastinating than working.

No matter what your impression is of millennials, they are fast becoming the driving demographic of the workforce. And, their working styles are very different from the generations that came before. Also, they appear to be the most tech-driven and social media savvy of them all.

For you to be able to lead and jive well with a millennial team, start by knowing what is important to this generation and what motivates them to do their best.

Below are some tips which may help you in dealing with this unique age group.

Make them aware of their purpose as part of the company.

Purpose-driven millennials are known to be attracted to companies with strong advocacy. They are actively participating in this noble mission. This is the reason why you must provide valid “whys” for them to inspire them to do their work.

Encourage them to voice out.

Traditional bosses are not used to soliciting ideas from members of their team. But millennials feel that they are entitled to personally contribute to a company’s mission and vision. By providing them the opportunity to voice out and speak their minds, you will encourage responsibility and ownership for your young team. Make it a habit of listening to whatever these people will say.

Allow them to explore new tasks.

Millennials give a lot of importance in self-discovery and finding out what type of things they’ll be passionate about. Find ways for them to handle tasks and give them opportunities to learn and develop new skills. By helping your millennial team find ways to grow and learn, you are also encouraging loyalty and retention.

Let them set their own pace.

Millennials are known to value experience rather than output. This may be good for some business owners because it means that a lot of them will choose the company’s culture or if they enjoy working there rather than how much they will earn. These young workers also want jobs that allow them to explore their outside interests and creative sides.

Include them in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Look for ways for your company and your staff to give back to the community. The millennials are raised in a world so heavily connected by social media that global and social problems feel and hit close to home. This is why millennials tend to be passionate about social justice and to find ways to help solve society’s ills. Consider developing projects that benefit your company, but, at the same time, will support specific causes, such as fighting global warming or sexual discrimination. Millenials will undoubtedly be more than willing to do their best to help.

Human interaction is much valued.

For a millennial workforce, it would be best if you encourage face-to-face interactions. With too much social media and hi-tech communication around them, it’s easy for them to lose touch with how real human interactions work. Aside from just holding meetings where people get to talk to each other in person, why not organize a team night-out or a company outing with your staff?

Leading millennials to be useful team players may sometimes pose a challenge. But, if leaders exert the effort and invest in this young and restless generation, millennials can indeed make a positive change within the company.

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