How to Build Your Dream Office as a Young Entrepreneur

How to Build Your Dream Office as a Young Entrepreneur

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Young businessmen usually don’t like the idea of having a traditional office. It’s because of the notion that it creates the feeling of being stuck in the corporate routine. However, if you do it correctly your office can turn into a home away from home where you can explore your creativity. Keep in mind that there are no set criteria here and you can build your office in a way that suits your working style.

The main concept here would be to deconstruct the concept of the corporate into something fun yet productive. This is the point where you will let the fun and energy of a budding start-up take over. Don’t be afraid to explore and don’t adhere to a set of old school rules. Let’s take a peek at how you could glam up your dream office so it has the style and swag you like, yet serves as a playground for innovative ideas and flowing productivity.

Give Yourself Space

There are some major factors to consider when you look for an office to lease in the Philippines – among the most important are spaces and windows. When hunting for a location to establish your business, choose one with a lot of windows. Expensive lighting is good but nothing beats flowing air and natural lighting.

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t hold back on your spending, it is open space. Most of us have different needs and size of budget but we all need room to move around freely. Make sure that you and your team have enough space to walk around comfortably.

Put Color into Your Life

The main point here is not just getting bright colors to make your office stand out. What matters most is how to mix the right colors to get that feel. Clean and sharp colors can give you that “pop” you are looking for.

What you can do is to choose two or three of your fave hues and add these colors into your workspace, whether through décor or stuff like pen holders or racks.  Colors also have the ability to give your office that fresh feel.

However, be mindful of your brand’s image as it’s not all about just being glam, but also exuding the impression that you want people to perceive of your company.

Hang Things that Inspire on the Walls

As a young business owner, you may not have the cool milestones as the big players do but there will still be things to note. Embrace every small win and victory by hanging frames that contain articles and rave reviews about your business. Put a special spot for reviews by notable clients. Put inspirational posters on your walls and doors and put your mission and vision statement on places for everyone to see.

Let your staff post pictures of their dream cars and houses to give them the boost they need to face the grind.

Aside from aesthetics, here is a quick look at the other things that should be in place in your ideal CEO spot in your office space in Cebu:

  • A flexible work space where you and your staff can go anywhere to work;
  • A fun, innovative and creative atmosphere;
  • FREE coffee and snacks;
  • Happy and fun people; and
  • A positive, employee-friendly ethos.

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