How to Attract Tenants to Rent Your Office Space in The Philippines

How to Attract Tenants to Rent Your Office Space in The Philippines

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Know Your Market

Check the establishments around you. Check those establishments one ride away from your property to see what is around. Leverage them to help make your property saleable. Know your product. Also, never ever overprice.

Furnish Your Office Space

Veer away from the ordinary. You must have a unique selling proposition – highlight that in renting out your property. If the office is located in Cebu, which is a business hub, you now have a selling point; but, you have to complement that fact with design and furnishing to make it more appealing.

Build lots of storage. The tiny storage room in that unit now has more space when mounted with shelves. The entire unit also had more storage with those creatively fitted beams and counters, a breather and space-saving feature of the transformed unit

Attract Tenants

Take really nice photos. Take also pictures with lights on to emphasize the interiors, and lights off for the view to help make your rental property more attractive even in photos alone.

Create a sales pitch. Of course, the stunning visuals must be complemented with an effective sales pitch. You must be ready with a short, direct-to-the-point presentation or an elevator pitch highlighting your rental property’s unique and value selling features.

Send out emails and fliers. If your rental property is located in nearby offices, send direct mailers to their HR departments and ask them to spread the word that you have an available unit. This selling strategy works because those departments know who among their employees are looking around for a nearby place to rent.

Make an open house. Send invites to the people in your building since they are your first market— they may know a prospective renter. Invite them to view the space. If there are those who come and are interested, then create urgency.

Stage Your Office Space

Make sure the details that are easily seen or are particular to a prospective renter are taken care of. Keep the entrance clean. Leave no broken items unfixed. De-clutter. Let the lights in. Have a clean toilet and bath, which is a come-on for prospective female renters. Do not have a bad-smelling unit. Go to the source of foul odors and fix it or get rid of it.

Have Yourself Protected

Have a detailed lease of contract. Rental properties, as a business, generally need lesser man hours to look after. There are also lesser things to worry about. The lease of contract must clearly state the details and conditions involved in renting the office space and that the renter understands them to help avoid headaches in the future.

Take Good Care of Your Tenants

Treat each tenant as your best customer. To welcome your tenants, send them gift baskets containing no-cook foods, such as cup noodles or snacks, or even rolls of toilet paper to help make them more comfy in their new office space in the heart of bustling Cebu.

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